Shy Love Is Back To F*ck Shit Up: Introducing The VIP Connect

Jul 10, 2014
Adult Business News
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As if the looming AB 1576 wasn’t bad enough, now the woman whose agency repackaged stalker Cameron Adams as Cameron Bay, the same person who has had her hand in almost every porn scandal of the last 3 years, has decided to jump back into “talent management”.


Yes, friends — Shy Love, The Class A fuck up is back in the mix.

What does the name “The VIP Connect” sound like to you? A professional adult modeling agency, or something else? Hmmmmmm…

The site is still being update at this hour, but judging from the cache, it looks like they simply copied over the code from the LAX Models website — perhaps that’s why the “face of” Shy’s new agency was originally listed as none other than Shy’s good buddy Sophia Santi.

Santi’s the woman who supposedly co-owns LAX Models along with Scott Andrew — an agency that many in the adult business believe Shy also controls.

The VIP Connect and the Sophia Santi connection


The layout for The VIP Connect sure looks kinda similar to LAX Models’ site. Hmmmmm…

We hear that its web designer lives in Scott Andrew’s house….

Agency comparison


After some updates, Shy Love is now listed as the agency’s “operator”

Shy Love Is Back To F*ck Shit Up -- Introducing The VIP Connect

Yes, Shy Love — the woman who has been going around boasting that the non-compete agreement she signed when she sold Mark Schechter her previous agency, ATMLA, isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

It’ll be interesting to see what Mark does.

I would write a huge story about how much of a POS Shy is, but I’m having this site worked on at the moment.

But rest assured there’s more to come.


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9 years ago

I guess dat baby off da tit, so now she’s getting ready for the season opener at Saratoga?

9 years ago

Her website says she is licensed and bonded.. She absolutely is not licensed or bonded.. I did a search here and there is nothing in the California Department Industrial Relations database on her.

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9 years ago

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9 years ago

Shy Love wanted me to pay her $400 for an over the phone consultation on how to run a talent agency.


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