The Nazi Desi Foxx Needs A Car

Jul 20, 2012
Adult Business News
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While most of you live your lives doing cool stuff without a care in the world, myself, along with my partner The Pope, keep constant surveillance on Anti’s. We are sort of like the MIB of ANti’s watching. As I’ve told you before, at any given time, we have 100’s of people on our surveillance screens. Using government grants and federally financed student loans we have built a  watching world headquarters and employed thousands all over the world.

Sometimes our sophisticated twit global positioning system or TGPS for short (patent pending) picks up crazy twit activity. The following tweets are in no sort of order. They are just an example of what goes on in our world. This is serous stuff but don’t let it taint your views of the world. I show you this not to scare you, but to let you we have it under control…

These tweets are in no order. What you are reading is random twit thoughts. They make no sense so don’t spend years trying to understand. It’s not possible.

This is a good one, apparently Obama has tapped her phones.

They busted a worldwide escort ring. I’m still looking for the press on that.

Here the Twit speaks of someone trying to take out her website. Makes sense, she gets like 24 hits a day. She needs to be stopped.

I’m pretty sure Obama will get to your email.

I must have missed the straight to dvd version of the life and times of Desi Foxx.

I really want to see this photo.

Isn’t there a new dating site for women over 50 who are twits?

This is why she tweets her info all day long.

Foster to the rescue. Tard BFFs. Don’t laugh.

Someone check on the President.

Unless it’s to drink a cup of poisoned kool-aid.

I don’t even have a smart ass comment for this one.

Those bastards!

We have all seen your shack, we know you don’t make that much. Post the audit letter.

You mean like when you were hooking at the bunny ranch?

Special Ops LMAO

And my personal favorite Twits tweet. Not because she and her kid did porn and hooked, but because they shared a peepee.

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John Smith
John Smith
11 years ago

Desi, if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them….maybe you can hire The A-Team.

11 years ago

if Tards had real lives, they wouldn’t have time to sit in front of their screens and dream up their crazy, delusional, paranoid fantasies to tweet about all day and night. but twitter wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining for sane, rational people without all the insane, irrational input from the Tards. 😉

Christina Page
11 years ago

LOL I haven’t laughed this hard in days

11 years ago

Sounds like a job for 5150 Man to me. Desi/Diana needs some psychiatric medication and she needs it now! PCP and LSD will cause delusions and hallucinations, maybe Desi and Monica have been using one of them by the ton.

Anthony Kennerson
11 years ago

Wait…Desi Foxx had a direct line to the White House?? I’ll bet that Monica is pretty damn pissed. Isn’t it time for her to do one of her weekly turncoat betrayals and depict Desi getting run over by a bus??

Shelley’s not sharing any of her meds again, is she??

11 years ago

I bet SEAL team 6 is just dying to save Desi’s daughter

Richard Jones
Richard Jones
11 years ago

My name is Richard Jones, I am the President and Interim CEO of OmniCorp.

I invite Desi Foxx to visit out website at We would be happy to give her a 50% discount on her safety needs.

At OmniCorp, our solutions generate a beacon of safety that we shine upon on the dangers of the day. No matter the obstacle – political, cultural, philosophical – we pursue our convictions around the globe to secure peace of mind at home.

We are all about creating a better tomorrow.

Richard Jones
President and Interim CEO of OmniCorp

Fake Desi Foxx
Fake Desi Foxx
11 years ago

All TERRORISTS eat CHEESEBURGERS! EVERYONE knows CHEESEBURGERS are not KOSHER – unless they are made with SOY cheese! Porn Valley forces our DAUGHTERS to eat CHEESEBURGERS!!! OBAMA eats CHEESEBURGERS! They put TRACKING devices in our CHEESEBURGERS so they can TRACK us!! The ONLY WAY I can remain sane is by snorting BATH SALTS!!! My BFF Monica snorts them with me!!!

11 years ago

Bullshit. Gia Jordan worked in porn, and I don’t think that broad has eaten a cheese burger in 20 years. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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