TRPWL Docket #TFK-228 Lana Rhoades vs Stephanie West In The Matter Of The “Stolen Dog”

Apr 6, 2018
Adult Business
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Lana Rhoades

In the court of public opinion, TRPWL is the judge and jury.  More powerful than Judge Judy,  The TRPWL court turned down millions of dollars in syndicated television so that it can keep it fair and balanced..

Last night, while the peoples judge was fast asleep, Lana Rhoades got into a very public argument with Stephanie West. Below are the peoples exhibits 1-10

When the evidence was presented to me, it reminded me of a similar dog napping case “Give Us The Money Or Your Dog Gets It – Based On A True Porn Story”


Ok, lets look at the evidence:

1.Lana gives her dog to a friend because she had to “travel”

2. Lana says she loves the dog but leaves it with a person she claimed was drunk. Risking the life of Gigi the dog

3. Winds up leaving the dog with a drunk driver for several months

4. Lana visits dog and pays for its grooming but doesn’t ask for it back.

5. Then one day out of the blue decides she wants the dog back.

6 Stephanie claims to like the dog but wants Lana to pay for the dogs teeth

7. Both of the joke about putting the dog down, using the excuse that Gigi is old..(Side Bar, my dad is old but I haven’t thought about putting him down.)

8. Stephanie treats Gigi differently then her own dog by taking her on awesome vacations

9. This could possibly causing the dog to feel unimportant which could lead to self esteem issues .


This case is simple, neither should have the dog..It’s obvious that Lana couldn’t care less and Stephanie wants to kill Gigi..



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5 years ago

Like sands of the hour glass. These are the porn days of our lives.

The Hulk
The Hulk
5 years ago

A ruling worthy of King Solomon..

5 years ago

Cut the dog in half, then sterilize the 2 broads, because the same thing gonna happen w/ childrens. “Ah axed ya tah watch muh bay bay while I went to get uh Peach Blunt wrap, now ah wants muh bay bay back.” That was 3 yrs ago, hun, and please keep the drippings from yer cooter and festering train tracks off my welcome mat. It is coconut fiber, so I can’t spray it with bleach.

5 years ago
Reply to  TRPWL

Not as badly as they stain the soul.

Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris
5 years ago

Lana Rhoades is intellectually disabled, incapable of spelling even the most basic words. A vapid and narcissistic mental midget. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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