What Porners Really Think About Mandatory Condoms: Part 1

Sep 8, 2015
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When AHF’s Measure B kicked off back in 2012, I started including condom questions in all adult performer interviews and for the most part the girls gave solid answers. Since the interviews are dated, I also reached out to about 100 performers, agencies and directors to get their take on condoms.

With certain blogs and anti-porn sites declaring that most of the talent pool want condoms but not actually quoting anyone, I will get as many industry workers as possible to go on the record — either for or against.

Below are just a few of the answers, and as time goes on I will add more.

I have mixed some interview responses in with a questionnaire I sent out. 3 questions were asked and answered, I will get into the other parts at a later date.

If you want to be heard, please email me at adultwikimedia@gmail.com


What are your thoughts about mandatory condoms in porn?

One of the best answers I ever got came from retired performer Brooklyn Lee, she was able to answer the question and slam Rob Black at the same time


I personally don’t enjoy using condoms in scenes. They’re simply not built for sport sex. I shot an anal scene with a condom once and there was some definite tearing going on. That pretty much never happens to me without them. Gives a lot of guys wood troubles, etc., etc. I know, I know. The rubber pushers argue that AIDS hurts more than condoms do. Correct, but I’m confident in our testing protocols.

Brooklyn Lee

Brooklyn Lee

I’d be even more confident in them if we all tested twice a month (though some argue that the benefit of doing so is marginal, I do not understand this argument), and did so at Cutting Edge Testing (where they utilize the most sensitive tests available). The fact of the matter is, even with just the current protocols in place, I am more likely to be in a fatal car accident on the way to set than to meet an ill fate as a result of anything that happens on it. Trust me. I ran the statistics. [does not account for lighting equipment falling and crushing me, etc.]

Would you shoot with a untested male talent if he wore condoms?

Fuck no. The only way to maintain the integrity of a self-policed system is through absolute regularity. Starting that shit would open up a rotten can of worms.

Read Full Interview Here

Jesse Jane

I think it’s stupid. We all should have the right to choose whether we want to use condoms or not especially since we are tested for all stds and aids every 30 days. Who are they to decide what we use on set?

Read Full Interview Here

Since the condom issues affect the industry as a whole I reached out to more then just performers.

Derek Hay, Owner of LA Direct Models


Derek Hay

The testing mechanisms and procedures in place in the adult industry since approximately 1998 and vastly improved at various stages since then, have been exceedingly effective,

With no on set transmissions of HIV since 2004 and with no serious injuries and no deaths the adult industries work safety record would compare very favorably with any other industry, likely very few other industries of any form could report the same,

The ‘mandatory condom’ message of AHF, is over simplistic, far less effective in actuality than a non industry stake holder would believe it to be, and lacks all consideration of existing methodologies for work place safety.

Missy Martinez

I’m all for condoms in the industry as PERFORMERS CHOICE. We are consenting adults. Instead of condoms I usually use a snickers wrapper.


Missy Martinez

Full Interview Here





Tanya Tate, award winning performer, director and publicist:

“Right from the beginning my thoughts on mandatory condoms should always be at the discretion of the two performers involved, not from a “charity” who has no business getting involved in the industry regulations. It’s absolutely disgusting the way the AHF is acting. We don’t need anyone coming in and helping us in a negative way.

tanya tate

Tanya Tate

In my opinion, AHF should be helping people with HIV and AIDS, giving them support and funding research. Imagine how much help 8 million dollars would have gone supporting the aims of a genuine HIV and AIDS charity. The money was donated to AHF in good faith and should never have been used to fight a political cause. They should support people that need their help and stop wasting millions on dollars targeting us.”


Mercedes Carrera

The issue of mandatory condoms within the adult industry is not only currently a divisive one, but a very simple one to address.  Legally, mandating the use of condoms oversteps in several ways. Inherently and unequivocally this is a matter of free speech, as it subjects the creator of expression (in this case the performers and producers of pornography) to censorship by legislating the manner in which art is created. The foundation of this country was built upon the notion that humans have the right express themselves freely and without fear of repercussion. To legally mandate how this expression occurs is a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. It strips performers of their agency and free will and subjects not only our bodies but our freedom of expression to the whims of financially motivated bureaucrats intent on legislating away the very rights the Constitution guarantees.


Mercedes Carrera

Peripherally, the idea that the bodies of performers can be legislated is complex, as it strips performers of personal agency and reduces them to pieces of equipment. In this sense, the producers of pornography would be then administrators of equipment, not unlike farmers who are responsible for herds of chattel. This would insinuate that porn performers are legally chattel, which not only implies a limitation of rights as free will beings but a sense of ownership by those who are responsible for the chattel and it’s behaviors. Chattel are not afforded constitutional rights, so by reducing performers to mere owned equipment, we are also being stripped of our inherent rights and liberties as human beings. Regardless of recent laws that have passed regarding animal rights, if chattel are harmed or killed, it is not a matter of criminal law but civil law upon which the matter may be settled, which has far graver implications regarding performer safety than anyone can begin to predict. In fact, the moral panic about performers being trafficked would, given this scenario, for once be true should human porn actors be reduced to the status of chattel legislated by tort and civil law. Thus, it’s easy to see why the implication that porn actors are somehow pieces of equipment to be legislated strips us of the very rights that are granted to us as human beings.

Jeze Belle

The intentions of mandatory body isolation protection in porn are for higher safety, but has yet to produce proof that it will lower the contraction of STIs. Will goggles and gloves be required as well? What about mandatory testing? It’s very uncommon for the gay side of porn to require testing for their models.

Riley Reynolds, owner of Hussie Models:

“It is a free country and should be the same with performers and their own safety. If they want to have sex on camera without condoms as long as the other performer on set has a test 14 days or less then it should be their choice, not forced.”

Gia Moore, creator of 2015 “O” Award nominated G by Gia pheromone based perfume and cologne:

“Yes I think is really important to think in the bigger picture. We are the United states of America and we need to set the example. People say that the audience will not see American porn no more.


Gia Moore

That’s not true we can get them make used to see it. It is your pussy or penis you have the control you have the power. With sex appeal you can do an excellent scene with a condom and make the public know that you are enjoying it. You should choose what is right for you.”

Ela Darling

Ela Darling

Ela Darling

I think its harmful for our industry and it’s a ham fisted attempt to fix the least pressing problem for most porn performers. There are plenty of things that could be improved about my industry but spending so much time and money focusing on condoms isn’t the way to make positive changes.






Jenna Sativa

I think it’s critical to promote safe sex, especially in porn. However, I also don’t agree in the infringement of creative and sexual freedoms. Good intention, bad execution.

Read Full Interview here


Jenna Sativa



Andi San Dimas


Andi San Dimas

Personally, I hate condoms. I’m allergic to latex and they hurt like crazy…even the non latex ones! My pussy swells up and burns like its being stabbed with a hot sword. I think that our testing facilities have done a really great job weeding out the STDs and making our industry safe. Why condoms? Is this issue really keeping America up at night?

This shit is so backwards…they want to regulate our sets, but if one of us was really in trouble and needed help…they would be the first to turn up their noses and call us filthy whores.

Full interview here


Claire Robbins


Claire Robbins

I think it’s a great way to kill an industry in Los Angeles, plus it’s a waste of money to enforce. I’m astounded that 57% of LA residents don’t see how ridiculous it is.
Read Full Interview Here





Skyler Nicole

Oh like how the government tries to control birth control and abortions? Can’t really tell us shit honestly… And that’s how I feel about condoms

Read Full Interview Here


Skyler Nicole

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