Women Beater Jessy Jones Says He’s Gonna Have TRPWL Killed For $500… Seriously, He Said That

Aug 17, 2020
Adult Business
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My Sunday started like any other Sunday, I woke up, and felt the urge to drop a deuce. While sitting on the toilet, I decided I would test porn mope/accused women beater, Billy Boston.

For those that don’t know, Billy is a Jessy Jones fan boy. Regularly posting pics of himself with Jessy at the House of Cocaine.

So I sent my pal a pic of an old addy of the Fiji Water drinking, rich and successful, Jessy Jones. Before I go on, who does that sound like?  lol

The reason behind this move was simple, is Billy neutral, or Team Women Beater?

My hope was he was Team Women Beater, would tell Jessy, and Jessy would make more social media posts about me. Boy, was I wrong on that one.

Now keep in mind, Jessy has never said anything to me directly, he’s blocked me, and is relegated to others sending me his social media. Mr Tough Guy is so tough, he threatens me by way of 3rd party. And TBH, I’d be ok with him saying, “Tell TRPWL I’m gonna fuck him up” but this wanna be bitch went the extra step, and I’m thankful, because now even the people close to him can laugh.

So Jessy can beat up girls, but when it comes to fighting a dude, he’s gonna get his new 12 gauge and have his “friends” use it on me. Then, If I understand correctly, he’s gonna video tape my murder and post it on social media? lol  Did this stupid motherfucker actually type that? 

So Jessy is so powerful and admired he’s gonna add my friend to the shotgun list?  LOL  Jessy Gotti. Talk about a real bitch. “Taking care of you guys”  lol  Like make us breakfast?  Drive me to the gym?  From the looks of it, that’s about all Jessy can afford.

The telling part of that cap is this:


Jessy knows it coming, and in a desperate move, he decided to threaten one of the few people who I consider a friend.

Mark Speigler told me once, “Always hire a professional.” Maybe Jessy should go buy a copy of Solider Of Fortune, flip to the back, and find a professional.

I wonder what sort of hitman you could hire for 500 bucks?  Maybe you could save up 3 weeks pay, but that might not give you enough time to get to me.  Me thinks you’re running out of time Jessy.

Whoa I thought Jessy was gonna have have his friend kill me with his new shotgun, now its a wanna be porn mope who will do anything for 500 bucks, or one weeks pay for Fiji water drinking, high powered pornstar, Jessy Jones. I’m sure Billy could use that 500 bucks Jessy. That way he wont have to sleep in his car at the next AVN.

But wait, there’s more!

Jesse, the guy who types out, he’s gonna have his friend shoot me with his new shotgun, tape it, and post it online,  Jessy,  the guy who typed out,  it will only cost 500 bucks to have a wanna be porn guy take care of me, says we are the ones leaving a paper trail. LOL

Bruh, you’re one dumb motherfucker.

I have a question Jessy, you had a chance to meet face to face:

That’s the real Jessy Jones


See you soon my friend.

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Xander fan
Xander fan
2 years ago

OMG! This has to be photoshop LOL I like the instant block he gave you after you asked him to meet

Smash Pictures
Smash Pictures
2 years ago

Jessy is on his last directing gig, soon, he’ll have to start drinking the buy 2 get 1 free waters LOL

11 months ago
Reply to  Smash Pictures

What do YOU do, masturbator? Wait for your Welfare check and act like a bitchy girl?

2 years ago

Nothing says mental illness more than a wall of text that completely lacks punctuation.

11 months ago
Reply to  Crunkleschwitz

Grammar fag? Who needs you, cunt?

11 months ago

Obsession IS a mental disease. You will get so paranoid you will kill yourself.

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