Alana Evans Responds To TRPWL’s Kurt Lockwood Interview (UPDATED)

Jan 26, 2015
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After I ran this last night, several people called Alana a liar based on the fact she didn’t mention throwing a drink in Kurt Lockwood’s face. However, she did tell me that and I didn’t add it to the story. It’s my fault and I take full responsibility for it. Alana told me prior to me going to press that when Kurt got within a foot of her she threw the drink at him.

As far as I’m concerned TRPWL is done with this. Each of the parties bear some of the responsibility and hopefully this will blow over. We will no longer be covering it.

Sunday we ran an interview with veteran adult performer Kurt Lockwood. The subject of that interview was a fight Kurt had with Chris Evans, the husband of AVN Hall of Fame performer Alana Evans, at the 2015 AVN Awards.

Alana was upset with us for what she deemed a one-sided and inaccurate report of the events. I offered her the chance to get her side of the story out.

Alana Evans (photo courtesy of Industry by Rick) - Alana Evans Responds To TRPWL's Kurt Lockwood Interview

Alana Evans (photo courtesy of Rick Garcia/Industry by Rick)

Below is her version of the events concerning the fight only:

While Alana was in the restroom talking with another another porn star, she claims Kurt went up to Chris and began trash talking. Security then stepped in, and Alana states Kurt was ordered out of The Joint (which is a large room at the Hard Rock hotel with a stage where a large portion of AEE was held, as well as the awards show).

About 5-10 minutes later, Alana was with Chris when she says Kurt ran up on her and “jumped in my face an inch from my nose and was pushing me as he was screaming at me and I was screaming back at him. It was maybe three seconds before Chris snatched him off me in a choke-hold and they struggle for 15-20 seconds before Chris dragged him to the floor still in a choke-hold and was on top of him”

Alana stated that after the fight was broken up, security told her that Kurt had already been kicked out of “The Joint, the AVN venue” after the argument with Chris. She further stated, “Even after the physical fight and we were talking to security, they confirmed with us that they kicked him out and they didn’t know how he got back in. That was why he was the only on who was criminally trespassed from the hotel after the fight”.


Kurt Lockwood’s response may be found here. 

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[…] we ran a statement from adult performer Alana Evans. The subject was a fight between Kurt Lockwood and Alana’s […]

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