Kurt Lockwood on Alana and Chris Evans: The Whole Bloody Affair

Kurt Lockwood on Alana and Chris Evans: The Whole Bloody Affair

As TRPWL reported Saturday, a fight broke out at the 2015 AVN Awards between adult performers Kurt Lockwood and Chris Evans.

In the aftermath, the latter’s wife, Alana Evans, took to Twitter to cast her husband as the victor, and Lockwood as a deranged aggressor who was somehow both hopelessly in love with Alana (who wanted nothing to do with him), and trying to assault her. In her telling, Lockwood got his ass handed to him when Chris put him in a headlock, and was then banned from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Upon investigation, none of those claims appear to stand up to scrutiny.

First, Lockwood posted a selfie that evening, showing that he had not a mark on him.

Kurt Lockwood on Alana and Chris Evans: The Whole Bloody Affair

Chris Evans, however, has yet to post a photograph.

Lockwood asserts that the explanation is simple: Chris’ cut and bruised face would put the lie to the Evanses’ version of events.

UPDATE: Chris Evans has seemingly admitted that Lockwood gave him a black eye, though he still maintains that he won the fight.


This is problematic because the Evanses have now posted a photo that shows no such injury…

Alana & Chris

…which tends to show that they are trying to pass off an old pic as a post-fight pic.

The Evanses have also not been able to stick to one version of events. Sometimes, they state that Lockwood laid his hands on her…

Alana 1-25-15 4



…or strongly imply it (“woman beater”, “Kurt physically attacked me” etc..).  Other times, they admit he never did:



“The worst they can say (and lie) about me at this point is to claim I raised my hand to her, something which I did not do and no witnesses agree on,” said Lockwood.

Lockwood says that if anyone is willing to set up a polygraph test, he is willing to take it, and challenges Chris and Alana Evans to do the same.

In the intervening 24 hours, eyewitnesses have come forward to back up Lockwood’s version of the fight’s outcome…

FullSizeRender copy 2 FullSizeRender copy

However, the backstory for the event has been left to gossipmongers, or dominated by the Evanses accounts.

As it turns out, the brawl was a decade or more in the making.

Alana and Chris Evans are among a handful of subjects Lockwood prefers to avoid publicly. When I interviewed him last year, he indicated at the outset that he preferred to keep that particular intersection of his personal and professional life out of it. But, in the wake of the awards show melee (which Lockwood describes in detail, below) the couple have taken to the Twittersphere with such rancor, he has decided to defend himself.

“I never thought it would come to this. This kind of stuff makes everybody look bad. But they’ve taken it to such an extreme that I have to respond,” he said. “Otherwise, their version stands as the truth, which can’t happen because it’s not right.”

“I wasn’t going to say anything about all this stuff, but she’s trying to open up the floodgates. Well, so be it.”

I interviewed Lockwood at his Las Vegas home this afternoon. I can confirm that he does not have a single scratch on him.

Before we get to what happened last night, can you give me the background for the antagonism between you all?

About 10 years or more she and I used to work together all the time, and kinda had the hots for each other, ya know. And we had feelings for each other. So, one time we were doing a scene together, it wasn’t a cream pie movie but we were like, ‘let’s do a cream pie for the hell of it.’ So we did a cream pie scene and she got pregnant from that.

Do you actually know that she got pregnant from that scene?

I’ll get to that. So I assumed porn girls are on birth control, especially her because she was shooting all the time back then. And she said “Oh I was on antibiotics then.” Well how do I know that? That she’s on something that could possibly interfere [with her birth control]. It’s not like she told me and we did the scene. So instead of saying something to me about it or something like that, she went and had [the abortion] which was fine by me I totally support her decision. She wants to make it out like I’m really hung up that she aborted the baby. I don’t want Alana Evans’ kid. I don’t live with her, we’re not together, there’s no life, there’s nothing shared there. The first I heard about it she called to say “Hey this happened and I had the abortion.” And I’m like, “Ok, sorry that it happened. I support your decision, what do you want me to do?” She’s like “There’s nothing to do” so I said okay, and we didn’t work together after that.

Then she goes on KSEX — remember that back in the day, with Wankus? I don’t even know what their beef was, but she just wanted it out there that I got her pregnant. It’s like, we did a scene, we had sex, there is risk involved. It’s your body, you are ultimately responsible if you’re gonna do porn to not get pregnant. Take the necessary steps. But all of them wanted to make the narrative that I was the bad guy when I actually brought common sense into it.

I was shooting all the time. [Their narrative] wasn’t affecting me getting booked or anything.  Producers, they don’t care about that stuff. They only care that I can do my job well.

Anyway, I don’t know why, they just wanted to rage at me. So I didn’t respond to it. I just let it go. There’s nothing I can say. Everybody knows if you’re a girl in porn, you’re getting fucked, you’ve got to take care of that, or you get pregnant.

So nothing happens, then I left the business…..

You met her at a convention as well. You ran into her at a convention, and said something to her?

There’s two different versions. I came up to her and was like “Hey” and there happened to be this gigantic banner next to her for the movie that [the pregnancy] happened in [Cheating Housewives 2].

It was the first time I’d seen it, I was like “Hey you know, sorry about all that, look it’s kind of weird that the movie thing is right there, huh?” To me it was a pleasant conversation, We sort of had a detente. I walk away.

Next thing I know she ‘s changed it to I came up and said “Hey that’s the movie I knocked you up in,” and just walked away. That is not how it happened at all, but that’s sort of how it got this spin, this evil twist on it.

So, no contact. I came back in the business about 2-3 years ago. I message them. I was like, “no hard feelings, bygones be bygones.”

You mean both of them?

Yeah. So then a relationship of mine ended in November [2013] or so. Then Alana and I started tweeting each other and just sort of getting back in touch. And it was all this, she apologized for all the Wankus stuff and said Chris, had put her up to it.  And she’ll never admit this — when Chris isn’t around she’s all, “I want to leave him, I love you, I’ve always had a love for you,” and all this stuff.


And I was in a vulnerable place, on the rebound, stuff like that. We started seeing each other, and he knew about it. It was off camera because she doesn’t shoot anymore, really.  Again we start having sex, and I’m assuming she’s on birth control. We’re going all the way in regards to cream pie and stuff, come to find out she’s not.

Chris had a vasectomy and he’s shooting blanks. They want to have another kid. They have tried other guys, and it didn’t take. She almost got pregnant a couple times, but because I had got her pregnant once before they thought I had the lucky sperm, had her number. I don’t know if it was contrived as that. I think inside maybe she does carry a torch for me back in the day from when we used to work together all the time. And she told me a lot of “Oh, I love you” and all this stuff when we were together. Whether it was a manipulation or not I don’t know, you know.

But once I found out about it I was like, “Holy shit. Wait a minute, I’m not trying to have a kid here.” And then all of a sudden I’m out, she’s with Chris, and Chris is texting me, ‘She needs her rest, because we think she’s having morning sickness.’

And I’m freaking out. “Oh my god this is not my idea of what was going to happen here at all.” Chris was like, “The three of us can raise this child together.” Oh my god, these guys are fucking bananas. I don’t want any part of this. So on the flipside of that there’s all this talk, she would say “I would leave him but he would stalk me, he would never let me go. I wanna be with you.”

I was like, “Alana, what’s up here? I thought we were gonna have something here. You’re telling me you love me and that you wanna leave him.” Then Chris starts with “Leave my wife alone!” and all this stuff.

I let it go, and I left for Europe for the holidays. I came back in January [2014]. She’d had a miscarriage, she said it was a miscarriage — it didn’t take again, or she couldn’t get pregnant — and I was just, like, following up because I’m, ya know, human, I was concerned. He starts again with, “Don’t you text my wife.” And it got heated, we had words. Burt instead of facing me man to man, or even texting me back, he’s got to have it out on Twitter.

This is what he’s all about, this is his thing. It’s why he went to Wankus [at KSEX], etc… What man wants the world to know that his wife got pregnant by another man, on a set? It’s part of his cuckold thing. because, if you read his Twitter he’s like. “Oh, I love when my wife’s away — I can go and see my wife getting banged by black dudes on YouPorn anytime that I want.” He’s actually tweeted stuff like that.

And he starts posting my texts on his Twitter. And of course he’s posting scenes that I did years ago, as if it’s current. It was when I was leaving the business, I was going to be a father, I got offered insane amounts of money to do it. I decided since I wasn’t coming back to the ‘straight’ side, it didn’t matter. I did all that stuff to make a buttload of money — no pun intended — for the future, and I put it to good use.

You’re saying they posted that stuff to try and scare people about working with you.

Yes. I haven’t done any scenes like that in years, and I have two years now of being tested every two weeks. But they want to post this stuff like it happened yesterday.

Then, this is what really did it for me: he started tweeting about my kid. Stuff like, “Oh I feel bad for this guy, for his kid…”

You know what, you can say whatever you want about me, I really don’t give a damn, the sun will still rise, the sun will still set, but you talk about my kid, you’ve crossed a line. I don’t care if you say “it’s from this angle” or “it’s out of concern.” No.  Youv’e brought somebody’s kid into it, You know what you’re doing.

So, we block each other on the phones, everything dies down. I see them at XBiz [Jan. 24, 2014].

Did you all talk to each other?

No, he called out; he yelled that I was a ‘faggot’ or something like that. But, you know, I’m not really one to fight at these functions. I was trying to let it all go.

Cut to: last night. You known I guess it’s just been really eating at me all this time that he tweeted about my kid. And the whole, like, deception, and stuff like that. So, I saw him on my way to the bathroom, and he was standing with a friend of his.

Inside the venue?

Yes, I was going toward the bathroom, at the back of the event, and he was there by the bar with a friend of his. And so I got in his face and I said something like, “tweet about my kid again, motherfucker.” And I put my finger in his face, [makes pointing motion] and he just stood there and didn’t do a thing. And I said it again, you know. And I think he said something like, “Oh, you’re a fag” or something like that.

So then Chris Cock came over and brought me away from him, calmed me down and stuff. But that was it. No, blows, nothing else was said. You know, that’s my specific beef with them is they took it too far. If you bring my kid into this you have forced my hand, I have to respond this or I’m not a good parent.

Look, things don’t always happen in life the way we want ’em to work out. If it had been up to me, I would’ve lived happily ever after in Europe with my son and my baby mama, and never came back to porn. But things don’t always work out the way we want them to work out in life, and any possibility that could’ve been tried to make it work, I tried. God knows I tried. And it’s nobody’s fuckin’ business but mine and my baby mama’s and my kid’s. And especially none of their business to put it on Twitter. Making it about me is fine, but bringing in my kid — now you’ve forced me to do something here.

So, Chris Cock takes you away…

Yeah. So, we go sit down and watch some of the show. We were sitting on the far right, a few rows in. And my girlfriend’s feet were hurting, and she wanted to use the restroom, so I walked her up toward the back. I was looking for a friend of mine who I’d use seen — I was going to talk to him while she was using the bathroom — and we crossed by Alana and Chris. We weren’t looking for them or anything, they happened to be standing there as we were passing through. I walk by, and she throws a drink on me. I wiped off my face.

At no point was she in any physical danger. She’s trying to make this out that I was about to hit her, but what is “about to”? My hand wasn’t raised. But I get to respond, verbally, if you throw a drink on me.

So, I said, “He tweeted about my kid.” And she said, “I don’t care. You don’t get in his face…”, like that.

By then, he had come over from behind, and put his hand on my arm.

How were you all positioned?

She’s here [points in front of himself, to the left], he came up behind me.

Over your right shoulder.

Yes. He puts his hand on my arm, at the top of my shoulder — which goes to show that at no point was a hand raised, because if I had my hand raised, wouldn’t he grab it? Or step in between us? Or grab me and pull me away from behind. But he put his hand on my shoulder. In his other hand he had a drink, so I shoved it up into his face, and it got all over him.

At that point, he didn’t have a drink in his hand anymore, so he sorta like… You know, he’s a head taller than I am, so he just sort of collapsed onto my back.

With his left arm around your neck…

Yeah, and his head was right here [points behind his right ear].

Where was his right hand?

On my upper arm. But he didn’t have my forearm, and I think he had more jacket than arm [in his hand].

He likes to brag that he was a bouncer and stuff like that. It was like a bouncer trying to take a guy to the floor. He doesn’t know how to fight. It was a bouncer move, but I know how to brace, and I used a stance where I can hold myself up at least for a little bit.

I braced myself and he left an opening. Rule #1 is tuck you chin, don’t leave an opening. Like in MMA, you always keep your chin to your chest. So I just lit him up with uppercut hammer strikes, you know, with my Keith Richards-esque skull ring. I was just nailing him, I could feel it.


To be clear, Chris Evans put his hands on you first.

Definitely, yeah. Not just his hand, he gripped me while she I was having words with her after she [threw a drink on me]. But at no point was she in any physical danger, like she’s trying to say. Nothing like that.

What was Alana doing while this was happening?

I have no idea, Chris was on my back pretty much the whole time.

You were focused on him.

You know, he didn’t land a single blow on me. And he wasn’t strong enough to choke me out. If he had me in a chokehold, it wasn’t properly applied, and I was able to nail the shit out of his face nine or ten times.  He just tried to use his size.

And I’m not a badass. there are definite badasses in this business, Derrick Pierce and those guys who are the real badasses of the business.

We spoke earlier about this, and you said that, because he was on top of you, people may think he had the upper hand.

Anybody with fighting training will tell you, must because someone’s on top of your back doesn’t mean they’re the one who’s inflicting the most damage. If you;re just riding somebody’s back, you may be somewhat in control, but I posted my selfie as soon as I got home, and you’ve seen me. Do you see a scratch on me?

Not a scratch.

He has yet to post a selfie.

[One witness] said that as they pulled Chris away he was totally dazed and confused.

After they broke us up, and this is an exact quote, one bouncer came over to me and said, “Well, state of Nevada law states whoever received the worst of it — and he does have a black eye and cuts on his face — is the one who gets to decide whether or not charges are pressed.” Chris declined to press charges.

I didn’t want to either — it was just a fight. It was mutual combat, and the law wasn’t involved.

The other claim that’s out there is that you were 86’d from the Hard Rock. Is that true?

No. I said, “Can I just go?” And they said, “Yeah, you’re free to leave.” I wasn’t banned. I can walk into the Hard Rock right now. I am in no way, shape or form banned. I’m the one who was attacked! It astounds me where their imaginations go to create this spin.

Post a selfie, post a picture of your face, bro. Are you waiting for it to heal a few days so you can put some makeup on it? Who can’t post a picture in one second these days? Gimme a break… Why hasn’t he posted a pic? Because his face is fucked up.

Alana appears to be trying to blow this episode up as if you’re some kind of predator.

I was a parent defending my kid. I did what a parent would do. If people don’t want to work with me, that’s fine. You stay on your side of the porn universe and I’ll stay on mine. I’ve already got 4 or 5 scenes booked over the next week, and Alana Evans who doesn’t work hardly at all anymore is trying to give me the old “You’ll never work in this town again” thing. Like she has the power to fire me from porn.

I’ve been here since 1998, I left for five years and was still able to come back. I’m not bragging, that’s reality. Do whatever you want to do, but I’ll still be here next year.

My hand was forced. Any parent reading this would feel the same: if you bring my kid into this you have forced me to respond to you now.

The thing that strikes me is that this was two separate events: you told off Chris, you went away, and then later she threw a drink at you.

It was done. In my opinion I said what I had to say to him, he didn’t really respond, as far as I was concerned it was finished. She didn’t have to start it all up again. Why can’t Chris fight his own battles?

And why would she do it? Because she knows I can’t hit a girl. And now she says, “He was gonna…” There’s no ‘He was gonna’s. I refuse to be guilty for a ‘he was gonna.’ If there was a ‘he was gonna’, the security footage would’ve nailed me, and I’d be in jail right now.

In that case, it would’ve been him defending her against an assault.

If you throw a drink in somebody’s face, they get to respond to you, they get to have a verbal response. And that’s exactly what it was. At no point was she being threatened. It’s ridiculous and really disgusting how they’re trying to make it seem like that was part of it.

And you know, meanwhile, while I’m fighting off that guy, my movie [24 XXX] is winning Movie of the Year. That’s pretty rock and roll.



As this interview was being prepared for publication, Kurt Lockwood provided to TRPWL a series of text messages between himself and Alana Evans from November 2013 which verify several aspects of his account.

Since the Alana and Chris Evans have now (in addition to spewing some pretty ugly comments dripping with homophobia) publicly denied certain aspects of Lockwood’s version of events, it is appropriate to publish these texts.


2 3 4 5 6


7 8



UPDATE: Alana and Chris Evans appear to be having trouble sticking to one version of their story.

First, Chris has seemingly admitted that Lockwood gave him a black eye in the fight, despite maintaining that we won:


This is also problematic because the Evanses have since posted a pic of themselves in a cafe in which no injury is visible on Chris’ face, which tends to show that they are attempting to pass off an old pic as a post-fight pic.

Alana & Chris

Next, both Alana and Chris have vacillated on the issue of whether or not Lockwood ever laid a hand on Alana.

Sometimes they call him a “woman beater” and state he did touch her:

Alana 1-25-15 4



Other times, however, they say he only reached for her and was “about to hit” her”




UPDATE: Chris Evans now corroborates another part of Lockwood’s account: that Lockwood got Alana pregnant a second time, in 2013.


Lockwood told TRPWL that this represents yet another reflection of Chris’ cuckold fetish, and asked, “What other man would want the world to know that?”

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11 Responses to "Kurt Lockwood on Alana and Chris Evans: The Whole Bloody Affair"

  1. Don Houston   January 26, 2015 7:07 am at 7:07 AM

    While I wasn’t present for the event, given that the three had a long history of animosity, I suspect the above article shows TRPWL’s blind spot when it comes to KL. I saw the other thread comments and don’t find anything said by anonymous sources to be overly compelling or persuasive, nor do I believe people saying they were present without proof but just from the two combatants versions. I get why y’all support KL, he made your hillbilly rival his bitch awhile back but giving him a free pass for life is a betrayal of all the good articles posted here where you meticulously check facts and get both sides before publishing.

    KL’s lengthy reply in such minute detail reminds me of how children embellish a story. There are numerous times when he projects details from an objective standpoint that don’t make sense. KL also seems to think Evans is going around saying he punched KL when all he said was that he held him in a choke hold. Those generally don’t leave marks so pictures of KL prove nothing in that regard. I saw the pictures the Evans posted from a cafe but unless someone provides a link to show they were from “months ago” as one of the fanboys was suggesting, it is not damning either way.

    As far as claims from either side about banning someone from the industry, as long as KL works cheap enough, there will be people to hire him. He may have to keep massaging men to make ends meet as production isn’t what it used to be but as long as there is a need for second and third tier meat puppets, KL’s chemically induced wood will be as good as others in his performance class to those who regularly hire him.

    It’s a shame that both sides can’t just leave each other be though. KL has long been proven to have a quick temper and this just shows his comments in your recent interview were a bunch of baloney, his suggestion that he was going to be better in his latest tour questionable at best. I’m sure his apologists will say otherwise but I have yet to see this all consuming attack on KL’s kid that he said provoked him to action. What could they possibly write that would provoke a mature man to angrily confront them in a crowded venue? Make no mistake either, he admits to doing such above and was tweeting (I saw it on Ari’s feed) this:
    “Funny thing abt shit talkers in porn biz is that they never think you’ll see them. And when they do n u fuck’em up they wanna act surprised.”

    KL’s own words point that one party talked and he took action toward them. He could have avoided them but he clearly was still upset over the comment made previously and wouldn’t let it go. Given the bad blood between them, KL walking up to AE with a chip on his shoulder could well be taken as a sign of aggression by itself, his complaint regarding throwing drinks amusing on the face given how he did that same act to a certain idiot hillbilly awhile back, the karma of it all quite funny. I don’t pretend to be completely free of bias towards these three but the revisionist history applied in your previous interview with KL seems still in force here, I still have the email rants KL sent me threatening me with guns, jumping me from behind, back from around the time he was publicly assaulting journalists.

    So take both accounts with plenty of salt because I doubt either is very accurate, no one but the three main players present for the entire series of events that led up to the squabble. In time, I’m sure there will be plenty of pictures and video clips given the abundance of so equipped cell phones in the crowded location but rushing to judgement with giving both sides a chance to tell their version is what a hillbilly would do, not an organization that has been taking great strides toward providing good coverage.

    • Deep Throat   January 26, 2015 8:07 am at 8:07 AM

      Don, with all due respect, I think it’s your bias that is most pronounced here. Please allow me to correct you on a few points:

      1) No one has “rush[ed] to judgement” — as the title and text of the story make clear, this is Kurt’s account. It’s an interview with him, for goodness sake — of course it’s his account. Should evidence turn up that shows Alana’s version is more accurate, we’ll run it. We’re 36 hours in and there’s still nothing but Alana’s bleating, victimhood-drenched attention seeking, and homophobia. She has told her side online; this is KL’s.

      2) “KL’s own words” were tweeted while he was still pretty pissed about not being able to ascend to the stage to help accept the awards for ’24 XXX’. All rhetoric aside, this is undeniable. If we accept his version, for sake of argument, then yeah he’d be pissed that someone laid his hinds on him first and, in the ensuing brawl, ended up missing out on bias moment of glory. His version of events is, in my view, internally consistent.

      However, even if we take those words at face value, I think you’ll agree that family should be off limits, and when you poke a bear with a stick you take on the risk of retribution. Even under this construction of events, however, we still have to examine the Evanses’ claims about the entirety of their complicated relationship with KL, and the claims don’t hold up.

      It should be easy to understand: if they’re dissembling about the relationship, why should we trust their version of the fight?

      3) While I certainly find what he did to Mr. Hee Haw to be quite entertaining, I reject the idea that KL has been “given a pass”. He has proffered evidence that backs up his assertions about the Evanses, in the form of text conversations which are reproduced here. Additionally, and equally important, KL was not charged with anything.

      As you surely know, the hotel/casinos in Vegas all have surveillance systems. Had he actually attacked anyone, or attempted to, or acted in a way toward Alana that constituted an assault, he’d be in jail now. I know this from experience because, after last year’s AVN Awards, I was jumped in the HRH bar. The security footage showing that they attacked me is the reason I wasn’t convicted of battery when I defended myself with great vigor.

      Instead, the brawl between KL and Chris Evans was determined to be “mutual combat” of the kind that happens in bars everywhere, all the time. There is NO evidence that accusation was made (credible or otherwise) that KL attempted to attack or accost Alana. If such evidence emerges, we’ll run it.

      3) I am very familiar with covering contentious cases, thank you. I do take both sides with a grain of salt.

      4) You’re being rather dismissive of the career potential of a guy who is a favorite of directors such as Axel Braun and Will Ryder. Things are tough all over these days, and lots of talent work cheaper than they did in 2003. But, objectively, KL is the lead in the bug budget feature that earned 4 AVNs this year. No one can take that away from him.

      • Don Houston   January 26, 2015 9:22 am at 9:22 AM

        As gentlemen, we’ll have to agree to disagree regarding the pass KL has been given on your website, from the interview that was incredibly self serving to many of the points made here. Did you reach out to the other two before writing either piece? Expecting them to have read it is a lot like KL’s rhetorical comments or those demanding specific evidence because not everyone reads blogs like this (and I say that as one who typically derives significant entertainment value from a number of stories, as well as the informative angle from others).

        Of course I have a bias and it is common knowledge but I addressed it openly, not with veiled generic talk. Regarding KL’s performances, his acting, which I have praised a number of times myself, is highly dependent on the specific project. Ask KL to play a psychopath and he excels as one but ask him to convincingly play something not designed to his strengths and allows him to ad lib, like most of the vignettes he gets placed in, and he’s right over in the Scott Lyons pile. Have you seen much of his work though, enough to make a credible comparison to the rest of the field? Some of his work recently makes him look like he’s having a heart attack, the guy turning beet red, gushing in sweat, and barely able to maintain a chubby, let alone a full erection. Even in his TS/Gay/Pegging titles, he comes in a distant second to Christian XXX though on a really good day, he does okay. When he starts winning acting awards over guys like St. Croix, then he’ll be able to claim first tier status but don’t forget, 24 won some awards in a single show, losing most nominated categories across the board (Axel makes some very appealing works regardless of who he hires, trying to lessen his impact when KL lost everything seems unfair to Braun’s lengthy history. KL was lead in The Gardener too, how many awards did he win for that, how about the movie itself? You catch my drift.

        Regarding casinos, security footage, and such, they do their best to handle matters in house rather than involve the police. Charges pressed by one or the other is no indicator of anything, nor would charges refused mean a whole lot, the one thing we all seem to agree on is that a scuffle of minor nature took place. Still, did you contact hotel security for a comment? Did you review the footage? I don’t think you did.

        Lastly, regarding family as a target, I agree yet I see an awful lot of attack the family comments sliding right by without issue elsewhere. I was curious what the actual comment was that made a grown man act like a child, a fair question to ask if it serves as the basis for the guy to confront people in a crowded venue, his own words damning him about F’ing people up. There are patterns of behavior here that have been replaying for a very long time, don’t you think they cause him problems and limit that potential we both agree he has? I’m not alone in these observations, many having made them in the past distancing themselves from the guy and refusing to support his antics. That said, your record for accuracy and even fairness still far exceeds that of you know whom but it seemed fair to add my take given I have witnessed some of the behaviors in question, often more than once.

        • Steve Nelson   January 26, 2015 7:59 pm at 7:59 PM

          Don, I disagree with, “but ask him to convincingly play something not designed to his strengths and allows him to ad lib, like most of the vignettes he gets placed in…” I need to point out that Kurt convincingly played Doc in Love Boat XXX. It was a character very different from the one in Gardener, which BTW, he was SCAREY good! As Doc he rarely even broke character on set.

          • Don Houston   January 28, 2015 5:53 am at 5:53 AM

            Steve, don’t forget that I praised his role in the movie when I reviewed it. He might not have been as good as that weirdo that played the Captain (lol) but I mentioned his portrayal very favorable repeatedly in the movie. Keep in mind though that “his strengths” with ad libbing are not limited to psychotic roles, he played the balding middle aged lothario just as well as the mainstream actor did in the show (I used to watch it 35+ years ago) but it was a minor role. It is possible he eventually achieves the same level of acting as St. Croix, Tommy Pistol, Evan Stone, Kyle Stone (heck, any of the Stones’), or others who have won awards, he’s just not there yet.

    • TRPWL-Sean   January 26, 2015 9:50 am at 9:50 AM

      I give no one a pass..I can only judge based on what Ive seen over the last 3.5 years…You have way more industry time than myself.. I’m quite sure if I trolled your timeline you interact with people that i consider to be fuck ups so it is what it is.. This story has 2 sides, one backed up with pics as well as an independent source and the other just tweets…

  2. Pimpin In Atlanta   January 26, 2015 11:54 am at 11:54 AM

    Damn fine work, gentlemen. Thorough piece on KL’s side of the events. The update is going to be a tough pill to swallow in the Evan’s house tonight.

    I have no horse in this race, but given that KL has provided a full account and the only thing we have from AE is her Twitter tirade, I’m leaning his way.

  3. joepi85   January 26, 2015 5:31 pm at 5:31 PM

    2010, A & C had an epic anti-porn meltdown on twitter because of an alleged rape incident at Brian McKnight’s home. Both trashed the biz and officially quit porn (for a while). IIRC, at that time, Chris claimed his wife was pregnant. He did skateboarding media stuff for a while until Alana came up with her porn gamer girl shtick.


    Wondering how many abortions and miscarriages Alana had in the last two decades.

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  6. AlanaFan   December 15, 2017 8:16 am at 8:16 AM

    I wanna have Alana’s kid…


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