Eyewitness Demolishes Alana & Chris Evans’ Account of Their Confrontation with Kurt Lockwood

Jan 27, 2015
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Monday, we ran a statement from adult performer Alana Evans. The subject was a fight between Kurt Lockwood and Alana’s husband, Chris Evans at the 2015 AVN Awards which the couple have been tweeting about non-stop since Saturday night.

Left to right, Chris Evans, Alana Evans, and Kurt Lockwood. Source: Twitter - Eyewitness Demolishes Alana & Chris Evans' Account of Their Confrontation with Kurt Lockwood

Left to right, Chris Evans, Alana Evans, and Kurt Lockwood.
Source: Twitter

On Sunday, Lockwood had given a lengthy interview to TRPWL‘s Michael Whiteacre in Las Vegas, in which he contested most of the Evanses’ claims, and detailed a back-story which stretches back more than a decade.

We also pointed out that, in their barrage of inflammatory social media posts, the Evanses have flip-flopped substantially in their dramatic claims about what happened that night.

Alana became upset with TRPWL for what she deemed a one-sided and inaccurate report of the events, so yesterday we offered her the chance to get her side of the story out.

Here is Alana’s version of events, as reported yesterday:

While Alana was in the restroom talking with another another porn star, she claims Kurt went up to Chris and began trash talking. Security then stepped in, and Alana states Kurt was ordered out of The Joint (which is a large room at the Hard Rock hotel with a stage where a large portion of AEE was held, as well as the awards show).

About 5-10 minutes later, Alana was with Chris when she says Kurt ran up on her and “jumped in my face an inch from my nose and was pushing me as he was screaming at me and I was screaming back at him. It was maybe three seconds before Chris snatched him off me in a choke-hold and they struggle for 15-20 seconds before Chris dragged him to the floor still in a choke-hold and was on top of him”

Alana stated that after the fight was broken up, security told her that Kurt had already been kicked out of “The Joint, the AVN venue” after the argument with Chris. She further stated, “Even after the physical fight and we were talking to security, they confirmed with us that they kicked him out and they didn’t know how he got back in. That was why he was the only on who was criminally trespassed from the hotel after the fight”.

In his TRPWL interview, Lockwood indicated that, when he had words with Chris Evans (the first confrontation), it was male performer Chris Cock who interceded, not club security.

Chris Cock came over and brought me away from him [Evans], calmed me down and stuff. But that was it.

To settle the question, TRPWL spoke to Chris Cock, who confirms that he was indeed an eyewitness.

Cock said that as he was “walking toward the bathroom area, by the right side of the bar” that night, he saw a commotion.

“I didn’t know who it was, but it turned out it was Kurt yelling at Chris,” he said. “So, I got in between them and kind of led Kurt away.”

Cock confirms that he walked Lockwood to the other end of the bar, near where the ladies’ bathroom is located.

According to Cock, Lockwood was upset and didn’t want to drop it at first, but he soon calmed down and told Cock, “you know what, you’re right, it’s not worth it.” Lockwood then walked away, he says, and Cock walked back toward Evans.

Cock is firm on the point that hotel/club security was never involved in the first (verbal) confrontation.

Cock agrees that it was ten minutes or so later that the second confrontation took place, but he was not close by as he had been before.

Chris Cock

Chris Cock

This independent corroboration of Lockwood’s version of events means, in simple terms, that Alana Evans’ account of club security removing Kurt and later confirming that they had done so and that he had snuck back in past them, cannot be true.

Cock confirms that he, not security, walked Lockwood away, and that security was not involved at all at that point — which means that Lockwood did not have to sneak back into the venue like a ninja, and security would have no truthful basis to tell her anything like that.

Maya Grand and Kurt Lockwood at the 2015 AVN Awards in Las Vegas. Photo: Roger Kisby / BuzzFeed

Does anyone honestly believe Lockwood would not have been noticed sneaking back in to the awards show in that jacket? Photo: Roger Kisby / BuzzFeed

Seeing as how:

1) Alana and Chris Evans have changed their stories in significant ways since Saturday; and

2) Alana and Chris have not produced a single witness, or any other evidence supporting their (latest) version; and

3) Kurt Lockwood has not altered his story; and

4) Lockwood has three eyewitness who confirm various aspects of his version (two who are independent: Chris Cock and Kevin Wang; one being his girlfriend), performer Maya Grand,

it is, frankly, beyond comprehension that anyone would buy Alana and Chris’ account.


We asked Kurt Lockwood for his take on this new twist in the story. Here is his reply:

1. I already admitted I got into Chris’s face in first encounter. It was not security who pulled me away that first encounter, it was Chris Cock (as Cock confirms).

Also, she admits she wasn’t even there, so it’s all hearsay. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

2. Alana makes no mention of instigating the second encounter by throwing a drink in my face.

3. She says I was pushing her yet she and Chris both tweeted that I never touched her because, he says, he intervened first. If this were true there would be witnesses, it would be on [security] camera and I would’ve been arrested. Btw, what happened to her other story that I hit her?

I yelled at her one sentence and I pointed at him. That was it between me and her.

4. Since it was Chris Cock and not security who pulled me off Chris [Evans], Chris [Cock] saw me walk away and verified there was no security, nor was I ever kicked out to trespass by returning.

As I have said, and which can be corroborated by [my girlfriend] Maya, after the fight I was with security. They told me he had a black eye and cuts on his face and it was up to him to involve police in state of Nevada because he was only one with damage. He declined, and I also declined.

If I assaulted her why did he decline? Because they came up with it later as a gigantic lie.

I asked security if I could just leave (I had a party to attend lol), they said yes, and my girlfriend and I left. They never took my name, never asked for ID, and I am in no way shape or form banned. I will go to the Hard Rock right now with you to prove it.

Who doesn’t know Chris Cock? That just shows how out of touch with the current industry they are. They see a black guy in a black shirt and they think he must work there as club security.

Alana has been caught in a lie. She has tweeted that I hit her, then tweeted that I was “about to” hit her, and now she says it was three seconds of pushing. She’s lying. She’s also trying to make herself look better by conveniently completely leaving out that she started it all back up by throwing a drink on my face.

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