Aria Aspen Wants to See Jessie Andrews’ Bush — The TRPWL Interview

Sep 28, 2011
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Aria Aspen - The TRPWL Interview

Aria Aspen

1. I heard you were a nurse before porn, is that true? tis true.

2. How do you go from nursing to porn? nursing was something i did to appease my mother, and im glad. im one of the few who dont have to worry about what im going to do after porn. i went to school, graduated, and now i can take time to do the things that make me happy before i slave away at my permanent career for the duration of my life lol.

3. How long were you with OC Modeling? 5 1/2 months-ish?

4. Why did you leave an how did you wind up a Spiegler girl? We’ll call it a difference in opinions. Some of the office staff decided that my personal life was reason to drop me from the agency and I wasn’t getting much work at the time anyway so I took it as a blessing in disguise and went peacefully. I spent a week freaking out & wondering what the hell I was going to do. But I took a shot in the dark, I e-mailed Spiegler, met with him for lunch, and the rest is history. I’m really grateful that things worked out the way they did. I love Spiegler and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. ( I asked about the personal life stuff, she told me but offered me sex if i didnt publish her answer.)

5. Any noticeable differences between OC and Spiegler? I believe the list of similarities would be shorter. (here i tried to create conflict but was outsmarted, lol)

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 11.46.12 AM

6.. Is it true that you can milk anything with nipples? I’m not entirely sure actually. Humans are the only species that exhibit homophobia so I’m sure there’s one species somewhere that doesn’t produce milk. The world is a strange place.

7.You said you did a scene for Kink today. What kinda of scene? Device bondage!

8. If you had to shoot only one type of porn for the rest of your career what would it be? WOW. Um. Probably b/g/g BDSM scenes. My public disgrace shoot was a BLAST with kink last week.

9. Thanks to my journalistic integrity the bush has mad a comeback, any chance we will see you with a nice sculpted bush? That depends. Some shoots require you not have one, so I guess work depicts my pubic hair lol.

10. One of the contests on my site is best bush, the winner gets cool stuff. Jessie Andrews has a pretty good lead, have you ever seen her bush in person? and if you have can you describe it to all of us with great detail? I have yet to see it in person lol. Thus far, I’ve only been graced with her clothed presence. Tell her to come over naked, and I’ll write you all the details you’d like!


11.Your twitter says ‘Porn Star, Pitbull Rescuer, Closet Nerd, Xbox Guru :)’. We know about the porn, tell us about pit bull rescuing. Do you watch the little people show about saving pitbulls?? The pitbull rescuing has been going on for many years now. I’ve rescued two of my own and I’m currently working on getting my charity up & running. I have come to the realization that me giving money directly to the people/places/pets that need it are more beneficial to the cause then me working as one foster parent, only being able to take in so many at one given time. I’m not in porn for the money, or the $2,000 purses. I could give a shit less. I just want to make a difference before I die, and animals are my passion.

12. What about gaming, I’ve you had one game what would it be? COD. end of story. It’s an addiction.

13. Any truth to the rumor you hate cats ? WAY TO PUT ME ON THE SPOT! Kidding, I don’t hate cats. I’m just not a cat person, persay. But Alaska isn’t half bad, even though I think I’m half allergic to him. (Alaska is Spielgers trained cat, funny she brought him since i didnt, almost like she didnt like little alaska, which is odd since the sweet little cat uses the people toilet)

14. How hard was it for you to sit so close to me at the pool party and not be able to have sex with me? Almost impossible, you’re lucky you left with your shorts intact.

15. Any chance of you getting your own website? In the works, my friend. All in due time >:)

16. Do you think twitter plays a role in a girls popularity? if so why? Twitter plays a role in a lot more then your popularity. I feel like it’s moreso about your interaction with fans & colleagues. I have found, especially with the amount of tattoos I have, that you almost have to create your own demand in this industry. You have to make people want to see you, and hope it gets you work.

17. Are you team Edward or team Jacob? Someone told me Mark was team Jacob is that true? To be honest, I know nothing about Twilight or Mark’s personal Twilight preferences lol. But I’d take whichever one is the vampire, I don’t do the werewolf hair thing.

18. What are your links so people can find you??


I hope everyone was at least mildly entertained by everything I had to say, and you guys should hit me up on twitter, i’m pretty amazing at responding to people… just saying.

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