Beware Of Scott Ohanian: Another Plush Talent Victim Speaks Out

Aug 10, 2016
Adult Business News
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This guy needs a slap in the beak.. In the 5 years I’ve been doing this, no one has had more complaints than this guy. Sad that some continue to promote and recruit for the Scott

BE AWARE: Scottie Platinum @plushtalent is a fake and a perv, he is tricking girls that are new to the industry into sending him photos and videos to look at for representation and to sell to private customers for some quick money. He then vanishes and will not return any texts, emails, or calls. He is taking new girls product with a promise of payment and then cutting off all contact and keeping it for himself. STAY AWAY FROM PLUSH TALENT, THEY ARE SCAMMERS! He will trash talk every other agent, even going so far as to accuse other agents of being rapists! He will talk a good game and make you belive he can get you all kinds of work if only you will come to LA, he will tell you that Miami is a terrible place for porn and that every company there is shady and has no work. He will CONSTANTLY hint at you coming to LA and making videos with him personally, or just casually fucking him while you are there. He told me that he would follow me into dressing rooms and that I could stay with him at his place. STAY AWAY



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7 years ago

Has Mike South endorsed this guy yet? Seems like someone he’d be in bed with.

Mark Sanders
7 years ago

It’s funny I googled his name he is a criminal for larceny and home repair scams lol - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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