Boston College: ‘Facebook’ Sexual Assault Confession Posts Get Cops’ Attention

Oct 3, 2013
Sex Crimes
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A student’s confession on a popular Boston College community Facebook page to sexually assaulting three women provoked strong reaction on campus and caught the attention of school administrators and police.

The BC Confessions page typically features such admissions as eating 13 boxes of Pop Tarts, falling for someone in a hookup and watching too much porn, without disclosing writers’ names. It is not affiliated with or sanctioned by the college.

An anonymous student used the forum on Tuesday to describe how he committed two sexual assaults. Without providing details, the writer also admits to a third assault. The lengthy confession has since been removed from  the Facebook page.

The writer begins by disclosing he has never had a girlfriend, complaining that “girls don’t tend to flock my way.” Then he explains how he had sex with a heavily intoxicated student who had passed out in his dorm:

I finally was able to get what I wanted. I put her clothes back on her (which was more difficult than you’d think) and tucked her into my roommate’s bed. When she woke up the next morning, she asked me who I was and why she was in my room. She had no recollection of the prior night. I was thankful, because this meant that I didn’t have to apologize. I told her that she came in with my roommate and passed out in his bed around 1 am. She thanked me for being a gentleman, which I chuckled at under my breath.

He explained how he did it again when he walked a friend’s girlfriend home. That woman also was heavily intoxicated and eventually passed out, the writer says:

Being that I was slightly drunk at this point, my judgment was compromised, and I did something that I am still ashamed of. I took advantage of her, and what troubles me is that I enjoyed every minute of it. It wasn’t until the moment that I finished, that I suddenly was struck with intense feelings of shame and remorse. But yet again, I had gotten away with it.

He concludes by disclosing that he sought counseling, then says he has already had “another experience” in the first month of the new school year.

bc confessions

The post attracted 84 comments in the first 24 hours it was on the Facebook page. Many of the commenters expressed outrage and called him a rapist. A few defended him, saying that he needs help and that everyone makes mistakes.

Massachusetts state law considers sexual intercourse to be rape if the victim is incapable of consent due to intoxication, and the attacker knew or should’ve known the victim was incapable of consent.

In a response post, BC junior Kate Lewis said she was close to showing sympathy for the anonymous male student:

I’ll tell you, buddy, you almost had me there. You really know how to set up a story. You give us a sad story about a lonely kid who keeps getting played, a little mumbo-jumbo about how you’re not social or good-looking, and you almost have me feeling sorry for you.

But I don’t. You could be the most socially awkward, unattractive sad-sack to ever walk the face of the earth, and I still could not feel sorry for you. That’s because you’re a rapist. You forced sex on three young women who were incapable of consenting. I can’t sympathize with that.

The student administrators of the Facebook page said Tuesday night that the police had been notified and “all the information we have on the submission has been turned over to them,” according to the Heights, a student newspaper.

Paul Chebator, the dean of students, said in a statement Wednesday that a student came forward and admitted to writing the post, but said it was a hoax.

“The student appeared quite remorseful; nevertheless, this matter will continue to be investigated and the student will be referred to the Student Conduct System for resolution of this matter,” Chebator said. He said “there is a continuing investigation into this matter with the BC Police and the Dean’s Office.”

Students are planning an event this week to discuss sexual violence and the culture on campus. A date and time has not been set yet.


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