Click Bait? How about the $50,000 Judgement Against Hussie Models That Doesn’t Exist

Mar 19, 2016
Adult Business News
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The fine fine people over at Luke Is Back (LIB) reported awhile back that Plush talent had a judgement against Riley over at Hussie Models..


After that went up, I told Kelli she needed to post that paperwork to make it believable. You know, like how we do it here at TRPWL. She told me that she didn’t think it was legal. I explained to her that its public record unless some sort of gag order or NDA was put in place by the judge. While this is going on, Im also reaching out to Hussie owner Riley who claims no such judgement exists. I got a hold of the original cease and desist letter sent to Riley, contacted the attorneys involved and asked if there was record of the judgement? They told me if there was a judgement they weren’t involved in obtaining it. I had someone do a records search in both Florida and NewYork..Nothing

Flash forward to Monday, I get an email from Scott over at Plush, asking me to call him.. We talked about his love of unicorns, how he fixed the 2001 world series, his dungeons and dragons level and if he he had a judgement against Hussie..His answer, NO.. In fact, it appears that LIB knew the story wasn’t true when it went up..

Hmmm, Maybe it was just a lack of communication and the story will be updated or removed..Fingers crossed

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7 years ago

In Kelli’s defense, broads can’t be held liable for stuff they post while menstruating. The cramping, the interaction of Midol and Chocolate, and the anger at the expense of feminine hygiene products all combine to thoroughly diminish the judgement of the testicularly challenged sex.

I would bet dollars to donuts that if you tracked it, Kelli’s stupidest posts are created in 20day intervals.

Red neck with a hoody
Red neck with a hoody
7 years ago

She has Blood coming out of her eyes, ears and whatever.
With Kelli over at Luke is back you will need to get out your pooper scooper before logging on to that site. Better you just don’t it really sucks
I was told she visited the hit man’s office last week. Where she is from that is what they all call the local abortion clinic The hit mans office. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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