FALSE POSITIVE – Adult Performer Cleared By Re-Tests; Production To Resume

Mar 21, 2015
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The results of HIV tests received today indicate that the possible positive test result announced Friday was in fact a false positive. The precautionary production hold is lifted.

The official statement from Free Speech Coalition —

Confirmatory results from yesterday’s possible positive test for HIV by an adult performer have come back negative indicating a false positive. Production can resume immediately.
It’s important to remember that production holds are part of a functioning safety system. So long as performers have private lives, we can never eliminate their risk of contracting HIV. However, we can make sure that should a performer contract HIV, that we stop it before it is transmitted to other performers.
We understand that production holds are difficult, but they are necessary for the system to work. In the meantime, we thank everyone for observing the production hold.

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[…] Production hold is lifted – test result was a False Positive […]

Anthony Kennerson
8 years ago

Keep this in mind, folks…under the system Michael Weinstein would put in place if his condom mandate initiative passes, there would be no PASS testing, no public accountability of any test result, and if worst had come to worst and there had been an actual positive, performers would have no means of screening the performer to prevent him from shooting scenes, because “condoms would protect”.

Unfortunately, this will go in one ear and out the other as far as Weinstein and AHF are concerned. Why let the truth get in the way of a good crusade?

Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
8 years ago

This really is a yellow light for anyone who wants to tamper with the existing system. None of the loopy schemes proposed by AHF or CAL-OSHA would have detected this problem and acted on it in such a timely manner. The continued attempts to fix something that isn’t broken run a real risk of breaking it.


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