Is Shelley Lubben Virus Free??

Dec 6, 2012
Pink Cross
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As some of you already know, Shelley Lubben’s Pink Cross website was blocked by Google as a malware site. Her site troubles actually began a few months ago when the site began redirecting back to google. Slowly, like Monica Foster’s left eye, things began to get worse. First, it was the redirect, then certain pages got infected, then google shut her down.

I find humor in this for several reasons. One being, her crappy website is one of her main money grab schemes. Now, either Shelley is inept when it comes to website decision making or she’s stealing. Or possibly both. LOL.

So anyway ole Slubs’ site has been down since last week. Then yesterday the donate page showed up. Yea. If that doesn’t tell you she’s a scammer nothing will. Then it went away.

Last night on of the top 8 people in porn texted me and said the site was back. Well, me being the investigative journalist that I am, I went to investigate. After an exhaustive investigation I found this:


This dummy put that same infected shit back up…and this is after getting a brand new IP by leaving GoDaddy

Kudos to you Slubs. You truly are a top 3 tard

Apparently Google isn’t a fan of Shelley Lubben..Less then 24 hours after putting her site back up, Google shut it down

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Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
9 years ago

What does she care if her site infects innocent people’s computers? She just wanted to show how fast she could get back online. Exactly the kind of psychopathic behavior we’ve learned to expect from Lubben.

9 years ago

Of those 44 infected pages, 31 of them were about me. Have a Merry Christmas. Fa ra ra
ra ra ra ra ra ra.

Anthony Kennerson
9 years ago

Isn’t the basic idea to clean your site of all the viruses BEFORE you put it back??

Come on now, Ministeress….you’ve got a nearly $125K salary; certainly you can hire some competent webmaster to remove all that malware. Or, is Norton or Advanced System Care or System Mechanic Pro too secular and porn infested for you??

Ay, yi yi yi.

9 years ago

McAfee probably needs some work – if you can find him. of course, he probably won’t work for free – not even for Lubben.


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