Was Pink Cross Website Shut Down or Blocked??? Shelley Lubben Speaks

Nov 28, 2012
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Not sure how many of you know this, but I routinely talk to the top 5 players in porn.. Today I tweeted Miss Shelley Lubben asking for a comment on Pink Cross website site being blocked by Google because it was infected with a virus. Yes, as a internationally and critically acclaimed journalist it’s my duty to reach out for comments.

Upon seeing this tweet one of the top 5 people in porn texted me on the TRPWL red line with Shelley’s email address and instructed me to email her, then he or she told me to delete the text as the top 5 person didn’t want anyone knowing they talk to me. Not wanting the TRPWL redline to self destruct i quickly deleted text but not the naked pics Karina White sent me.

I then carefully crafted a question using an amazing grasp of the English language:

That question while short, is very powerful..Not sure what surprised me more, her actually responding to me or her answer:
Was Pink Cross Website Shut Down or Blocked???  Shelley Lubben Speaks

Pink Cross web site was shut down due to employees not obeying workplace laws and refusing to wear a condom.

Porn industry to follow. 😉

As you can see, I asked another hard-hitting question and am waiting on her response. As this reporter finds out more I will update all of you who look to me for fantastic journalism.

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Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
9 years ago

Once again the Beeatch of Bakersfield proves two of her critics’ key points: 1) she is incapable and/or unwilling to give a straight answer to any question, and 2) the “workplace safety” crusade against the adult industry is nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to eradicate the adult industry.

Imposter Foster
9 years ago

Karina White? What she have that I don’t? I take full responsibility for what happened. Jesus Christ spoke to me and said that Shelley was an agent of Satan so I used all the magic that the indigo peeps instilled in me along with some bones from a dead parrot to have her website blocked. Garrett also didn’t use a condom and a certain tubby person may now be pregnant. If I am killed investigate Garrett Lubben. Vote Foster 2016 Or Get The Fuck Out!

9 years ago

You should go with “critically defamed journalist.” Half the readers wouldn’t know if you were having fun with words, serious, or just letting the bad grammar flow. The other half would be too stupid to notice.


[…] Was Pink Cross Website Shut Down or Blocked??? Shelley Lubben Speaks […]

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