Are they Charlatans or Shepherds? Part I, by Vanessa L. Pinto

Oct 15, 2013
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There’s a few things we all know will trigger a response in conversation: sex, religion, money and politics being the most common. Those topics are usually the makings of a lively debate, anger inducing conversation, occasional agreement and in some situations, those topics when spoken of and shared can forge a new friendship or end one.

Imagine that you have just boarded a flight from New Jersey to Los Angeles. You are tired after having worked for three 12+ hour days; all you want is an easy flight and to be home. What if the person randomly seated next to you, begins to insult what you do for a living and who you are as a person while using God to prove their points for the 5 1/2 hour flight?

This scenario happened 3 days ago to Jessica Drake, a respected sex educator who also happens to be an adult film performer. While returning from EXXXotica in New Jersey, she experienced something that few of us ever will. It was (and is) so outrageous and insulting to her professional and personal community in her opinion, she wrote a blog about it; that blog has been making waves.


Jessica Drake

Jessica Drake

For those of you not familiar with the world of adult entertainment, here is a snapshot of a trend geared toward the porn and sex worker community. In the last decade or so, there are several faith based organizations, who are vying for time with adult entertainers and sex workers; the most visible of them all is XXX Church led by Pastor Craig Gross.

If you have even been to the AVN Awards, EXXXotica, AEE, or any of the adult fan events that take place each year, you will recognize XXX Church by the tag line, “Jesus Loves Porn Stars.” Their booth at each show is well branded and always hosted by a team of individuals eager to interact with fans and performers alike.

XXX Church’s mission is, “ get people off of porn”; they believe that pornography is a debilating addiction. In doing so, they have immersed themselves within the adult community and attend events where performers and consumers alike gather so they can hand out bibles and support or encourage those who work in porn or those who they hope will someday leave the industry.


XXX Church was invited to Exxxotica New Jersey last week, where they helped to support The Hotties Suite. The Hotties Suite is where female adult performers go to change wardrobe, get hair and makeup services or just relax while they are working the event. XXX Church’s role was to staff the suite with volunteers, who would offer free services for performers who wanted them.

One of the volunteers from XXX Church who offered makeup services for performers during the 3 day event, did more than touch up lipstick and hair; she carried and shared offensive opinions about these women, she and her organization claim to love, respect and serve.

As Miss Drake was burrowing into her window seat on her long flight home, she noticed a young woman as her seat mate. The 22 year old began to chat with a man in the aisle. Drake wasn’t paying any attention until she heard the young woman say that she was, “in ministry”. This piqued Drake’s curiosity and she began to listen more intently to this young woman. When the man in the aisle asked her what she had been doing in New Jersey, the XXX Church volunteer replied, “I’ve just spent 3 days with sketchy porn stars, ugghhh...”. As she said it, Jessica Drake watched her wriggle her face and body in disgust as if the experience repulsed her.  After Drake had finally had enough of this young ladies monologue, she said loud enough for surrounding passengers to hear, “I’m a sketchy porn star and what you just said is very un-Christian.”

This statement got the young ladies attention. “She was very shocked when I said it and caught unaware, I’m sure she was embarrassed and I’m sure she was a little bit afraid too.  She had put us in in a category where we’re all bad people, now she’s sitting next to one and she made her (Drake, speaking of herself) angry.”  Drake said.


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