James Deen Breaks His Silence: ‘I Am Completely Baffled’ by Rape Allegations

Dec 8, 2015
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James Deen

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast, the adult-film superstar, who stands accused of sexual assault by nine women, opens up about the allegations against him.

After a lengthy back-and-forth with James Deen’s publicist and lawyer, the embattled porn star agreed to an interview by email with Aurora Snow of The Daily Beast—and only on the condition that the interview be published in its entirety.

Nine women so far have come forward with allegations of sexual abuse and assault at the hands of Deen. Stoya, a fellow adult film star and ex-girlfriend of Deen’s, was the first to accuse him publicly, tweeting on Nov. 28: “James Deen held me down and fucked me while I said no, stop, used my safeword. I just can’t nod and smile when people bring him up anymore.”

In the wake of Stoya’s reveal, porn star Tori Lux came forward with her own allegation of sexual assault against Deen in an essay first published at The Daily Beast. Ashley Fires, Amber Rayne, and (bullshit artist) Kora Peters then came forward, sharing their stories of alleged sexual assault by Deen to The Daily Beast. An unnamed woman who went by T.M., Deen’s ex Joanna Angel, and (I forgot a fist was in my ass) Nicki Blue all followed suit, claiming they were sexually assaulted by Deen.

(More Attention Seeking Lies)—>The ninth—and most recent—allegation comes from former MTV reality star Farrah Abraham (Teen Mom), who released a sex tape co-starring Deen. Abraham told the Daily Mail, “James Deen raped me for his benefit of fame. He conspired against me with others that I thought were my friends at the time and that was very hurtful.” As the Abraham story ran late Monday, we were unable to be address it in our interview with Deen, though have requested his reaction to the allegation and will update the story accordingly.

Many in the adult film industry reacted swiftly to the allegations, cutting ties with the bankable male star. Others distanced themselves from Deen and waited to hear the facts, should any arise. Some performers I’ve spoken with cannot imagine this side of Deen, knowing him only as a respectful yet arrogant performer. Others claim they’ve seen this darker side of Deen—the side they say knows no boundaries. A number of these allegations involve Kink, a BDSM company that pays adult performers to push their limits, frequently filming scenes in which performers ignore the word “no,” only stopping for safe words.

Here, James Deen breaks his silence.

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8 years ago

I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. Farrah is honestly the only one I believe is because she’s been talking about something like that happening to her for a year now (it was on Couples Therapy when she was on) but on the other hand, most guilty sexual predators, (Cosby, Sandusky, Jared Fogel) don’t give interviews and stick to silence. I think it’s possible James has gone too far with some, but I also think some of these women are embellishing, while at the same time kink.com can be neglectful at times (I personally don’t think alcohol use… Read more »

8 years ago

The old rumor I remember out of Farrah was that something happened while on a feature dance gig.

I think the fact that she said she and Deen were dating removes any credibility from the rest of her story. At the time the video was released Deen went public with the fact Farrah and her people wanted him to say they were dating and he refused.

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