Pornstar Injuries: Who Pays The Bills While They’re Out Of Commission?

Jul 6, 2012
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I’ve often wondered who takes care of talent if they’re hurt on set. In the world of Spiegler, when a girl gets hurt on set, whoever booked her has to take care of business. However Spiegs has never had a girl seriously injured or if he has hes never shared it with me. So what happens when talent is temporarily disfigured say to her face? Who pays?

Say a director hires a few top tier girls. Let’s call them Harlem Hottie, Kasey Lee Mondale and Glamorous Stacy. The director who’s shooting um lets say a comic book remake is looking for his film to be as realistic as possible and asks the girls to do some of their own stunts. Harlem Hottie is playing a handicapped person and is forced to use two walking canes so she isn’t asked to do any stunts. But Kasey and Glamorous agree to do certain things including maybe jumping through a fake glass window. From what I hear these windows break really easily, so no problem, right? But something goes terribly wrong and when Kasey goes through the glass, her face is cut up and she may possibly need stitches…

One would assume that the set has insurance or workers comp, but that isn’t always the case. In this case, let’s say there is no insurance. Let’s say this Kasey works at least 15 times a month x 1000 bucks. Is this porn director gonna pay her that amount? Is he gonna give her half that? I would think this porn producer would feel bad and at least pay all her medical and throw 10 grand her way.

But what if this porn producer wasn’t a good person? What if he was such a dick that Harlem, Kasey and Glamorous decided to boycott the promotional part of this movie? And instead of counting his blessings that he didn’t get dragged into court, he and his associates took to being disrespectful on twitter?

I mean, could you imagine if this producer and his people used threats of violence towards Harlem Hottie? When all she was guilty of was keeping her mouth shut? How does that work? You fuck a girl over on money, hurt another and then have the nerve to say fucked up shyt on twitter? Crazy, right? But fortunately this is just a story and some what ifs. This could never happen in real life since nobody is that stupid.

Anyway, maybe one of my readers could explain to me how the money would change hands in the event of an injury. Feel free to email me if you don’t want to explain publicly… and, of course, it’s a secret.

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11 years ago

I know the industry is in the shitter, and that there is no honor among whores, but if this happened in the real world, I’d imagine the talent would black ball the director, and he’d be busted down to mopping out jack off booths.

11 years ago
Reply to  Crunkleschwitz

IN YOUR DREAMS!!! A MAJOR PORN STAR would have problems blackballing a NAME ‘Director’; a minor PornStar would have NO Ability to blackball ANYONE!!! Most ‘Porn Directors’ are small time operators who distribute porn through irregular channels. Most Porn these days are ‘consumed’ in 5 minute J.O. clips and with tens of thousands of such clips floating around, it would be impossible to even identify the clip said PornStar were in!!! “Yo’ Cindy, JohnnyX wants you to do an Anal gangbang—its $3K for 1hr’s work!!! Interested?” And who is JohnnyX? Some guy Dirk Dickwad’s carwash attendant knows?!!! Good luck getting… Read more »

11 years ago

Might be a workers compensation claim. Could be a lawsuit depending on who is responsible.-even if producer not responsible, they might have medpay which covers regardless of fault Talent could also claim against her own health insurance.

11 years ago

The T-R-U-E ANSWER is NO COMPENSATION!!! What is this? Business 101?!! The Business Model defines the Industry, not the other way around!!! Porn production is basically a hotel room for a set, ambiant lighting and a Sony HiDef Digi-cam. THAT’S IT!!! The ‘Talent’ is basically an independant contractor doing per scene work. That’s it. Since many PornStars do 2-6 scenes per week, it would be hard, if not impossible to file an OSHA complaint, Lawsuit or Workers Compensation claim alleging injury. Let’s do a theoretical. Ms. Suzie SUXXS-IT is handed an envelope of $3,000.00 to do an Anal Gangbang. During… Read more »

11 years ago
Reply to  ArmyDicked

When I start swirling my premium bourbon in my MiKasa lead crystal bourbon glass—I start thinking EVIL THOUGHTS!!! I would like to see California pass a law where the the use of INDEPENDANT CONTRACTORS in Porn is outlawed. Instead, every film clip should be owned by the talent but leased out to the Content Provider. Cable providers, such as AT&T and GM, a US Government run Organization, should be assessed a fee which will pay for the health insurance of all indegent ‘Adult Entertainers’!!! Each scene would be digitally marked so that if it is shown on ANY Cable network… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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