Racist Homophobe Serenity Haze Vs LA Direct & Pierre Woodman Part2

Jun 5, 2016
Adult Business News
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Yesterday, in what some call the best thing written since the US Constitution, I wrote about nut job Serenity Haze accusing Woodman of Rape and no being paid.

In a series of tweets posted here, she said if Woodman didn’t pay her, he would be going to jail, of course, she also stated one day she would be a star.hazestar

Laugh break………..

Now lets get serious



Woodman has since posted the unedited tape on his site, the below is from a commenter:


Currently, the TRPWL/LIB news team is combing through every frame of the infamous Haze-Woodman tape looking for raging clues much like the Hardley Boys do (a la south park)… After that, we are appointing the Haze commission, not to be confused with the Warren Commission, they will begin looking into the Haze-Woodman tapes for evidence of a coverup.. The results will be locked away in secret cave for 75 years..

Earlier today Serenity blamed Derek Hay of being the one who hasn’t paid her:


Last night I received a text message, the message was written in British, since I’m multilingual I could immediately tell it was from Derek Hay, owner of LA Direct; the message said :

“Her Agency like several other agencies have so far been paid half of the total owed for their models and the second half will be paid this week, we are on time for payment exactly as agreed with her agent

For those that don’t speak Brit, it says Her Agency , like several other agencies have so far been paid half of the total owed for their models and the second half will be paid this week, we are on time for payment exactly as agreed with her agent.

(Note: I added a comma to the translation, there’s nothing more American, than a comma..)

Which basically means the first half of the payment has been made to Her agent, if she hasn’t received that then she’s blaming the wrong person..

I asked Mr. Hay why the 2 payments?  And to sum it up, Woodman comes over here and shoots a shit ton of scenes, In fact he just finished shooting last Sunday..  Every agent knows before booking that payments are broken down into 2 payments..I’m told Woodman shot a very high number of talent, and the only one complaining is of course, Serenity..

Woodman got back, wired the balance, and everyone owed will be payed in next 72 hours. Of course, that’s not to mean that Agent will actually pay Serenity, but they will have the money..

So to recap, Serenity a tard…The end

And for those wondering , this is a bonus post and has nothing to do with the LIB post coming later


After writing this I was contacted and told due to banking restrictions, Serentiy’s agent was mailed a check for payment in Full. That check went out last week. I’m told depending on bank, some get a wire while others get a check. The end result is the same. Paid in Full



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Pimpin In Atlanta
Pimpin In Atlanta
5 years ago

But….she’s going to be a star. LOL

5 years ago

This girl is a tard I spoke with here and she was really crazy, she started saying prostitution is illegal, I think she is on some fucked up drugs and severly bipolar nobody spoke to her about prostitution.

5 years ago

I just watched the scene (skipping around). The fact that she would get paid anything for that is amazing. Seemed to be much whining and complaining, and very lil fap factor about it.

And what is up w/ the huge pale spots in her crotch? Waxing take the top layer of skin off? Yer not supposed to wax when yer taking anti-biotics, like for acne or “porn flu”.

slut buster
slut buster
5 years ago

Right on. This Haze cunt is a whore who takes it up the ass…end of story.

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