Rob Black’s Huge Revolutionary Adult Industry-Saving Super Organization

Jul 10, 2013
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So this idiot Rob Black spends a couple weeks letting his 1 million err I mean 100 listeners know that hes got this huge announcement.. Something that was gonna blow everyone away…lol  So there sat the loyal KKK also known as the Rob Blacks fans..

Their hero was gonna revolutionize the porn industry and help the performers along the way..After all, Rob Black cares about the performers…

So yesterday in between lynchings, Rob Black announced the creation of the UAWA.ORG… LOL

Courtesy of Gene Ross
“Big events are transpiring in the business. I’ve been talking for weeks about the formation of something big,” added Black.

Rob has been working on this huge thing for weeks???

FireShot Screen Capture #037 - 'Uawa_org Whois Lookup - Who_is - Who_is' - who_is_whois_uawa_org

Funny since you just registered it a few hours before you announced it..Did it take that long for Katie to get you the 15 bucks for the registration?

I like how you put it in that idiot Tom Byron’s name.  Smart move, after all your the bad ass gangsta prison time felon and you don’t want a non- profit in your name..

Better to have Byron take the hit when you A: get caught dealing weed over on the Hustler set, and B, Steal what little money you’re able to scam from people

“This is a non-profit that is completely funded by political donations, charitable contributions and a lot of good old fashioned community organizing.

Does Bryon already have his lawyer? Is he getting the checking account in his name as well?  Im sure the name Rob Zicari pops up at every bank in America so you getting a bank out isn’t in the cards..

“The guy who flunked out of porn presents to you” 

Thats one of my favorite lines ever.  How many things have you presented over the last 18 months?? And were are they now??  LOL Gone..  But Rob, I care about performers as well so let me head on over to   UAWA.ORG and donate a few bucks..

FireShot Screen Capture #038 - 'uawa_org' - uawa_org__nr=0

Rob, You mean to tell me that you’ve been working weeks on this huge revolutionary adult industry-saving super organization and your site isn’t even up..Rob, maybe im confused. Let me click the link again. WTF..I know, maybe the pimps and thieves have conspired with godaddy to silence you , well not you, Tom Byron..

This has to be it..No one is truly dumb enough to spend weeks promoting a huge revolutionary adult industry-saving super organization and not have the huge revolutionary adult industry-saving super organization’s website online..Not even a landing page that says “Future home of a huge revolutionary adult industry-saving super organization” Not run by Rob Black……

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10 years ago

I guess that stands for United Adult Workers of America? Or Association? Maybe Alliance? I aint going to AlkieFYI to find out.

Anyway, every couple years someone tries to rehash the union scam and rip off as many rubes as possible. It is sad. It is transparent. It is nothing but ripping off the people it is alleged to be helping.

Who were the 2 whores that tried it last time and wound up at each others throats in a matter of weeks?

10 years ago
Reply to  TRPWL

Rob Black may have good intentions, I don’t know but his prior history makes me leery. He seems to have convinced Mike South that he has changed so maybe this is on the up and up. I will take a wait and see approach to this one (since I am not an adult performer he won’t be hitting me up for money anyway). As for Nica and January I have some advice for them. Nica needs to stick to looking cute, fucking Mr. Syphilis, writing novels and directing lesbian porn. January should find herself a wealthy submissive husband to have… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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