Wanna Marry A Sex Offender But Don’t Know How? Ask Desi Foxx

Wanna Marry A Sex Offender But Don’t Know How? Ask Desi Foxx

This was supposed to be a new episode of Tales from the Tard Side, but there isn’t a whole lot of humor in child rape. I’m posting this because Desi Foxx aka Diana Grandmason aka Diana Garren says she’s trying to protect her daughter, trying to protect others and that she can tell the bad from the good.

According to Desi, porn is evil. It causes child rape and leads to sex trafficking. Desi publicly wonders why no one will listen to her, why no one takes her seriously. I’m sure it’s not because she followed her daughter into porn, I’m sure it’s not due to the fact she shot scenes with her kid, then justified it as nothing more then what normal swingers do. I’m also pretty sure it’s not because after her and her daughter’s porn careers slowed down they decided to move to Nevada and publicly hook together. I mean who doesn’t shoot porn and hook with their kid, right?

After some great leg work by The Pope, we may have found the reason why NO ONE gives a flying fuck about Desi Foxx and her BFF Monica Foster.

Meet Homer Lee Garren Jr:
Homer Lee Garren Jr, ex-husband of Desi Foxx

Mr Garren is a registered sex offender. It also appears he may have a connection to Desi Foxx, possibly by marriage.

Some say he could even be Desi’s baby daddy. One could even say that he may be the father of Desi’s porn star daughter and hooking partner.

Desi Fox and her daughter Elli

Desi claims she’s trying to protect kids. She says that her attacks on porn will save kids’ lives. My question is, if Desi is so good at spotting these things, why didn’t she foresee Homer messing with little kids? Who protected Desi’s kids from her hubby? Who protected the neighbor kids from Homer?

Did something happen in the home to Elli? Is that why she jumped into a porn career? If so, then maybe Desi should blame herself.

If you look this part of the story, suddenly the timeline makes sense: hubby gets popped for diddling kids. Desi can’t support her kids, and sends Elli off to Porn Valley. Desi sees the earning potential in a mother-daughter combo, does the media rounds, and promotes her and Elli’s sex lives as normal. She tells the world that her kids were never abused nor were they ever around abusive people. I found that odd since Desi knew her baby daddy was a registered sex offender. She even covered it up.

From XPT:

“Elli’s dad is in prison. He got on crack after we divorced and lost his way. That shit is so bad and they should be fighting it instead of messing with porn and escorts. Sex is good and healthy, drugs are bad and kill you. It’s not brain surgery. If you read my blog at www.vvvxx.com you know my thoughts on it. I’ve seen crack and meth take down people from all social groups but they all end up in the same place once it get ahold of them.”

I don’t see anything about crack on his arrest reports. Maybe Desi forgot. Or maybe Desi wanted her porn career as well as her daughter’s to not get side-tracked in any way. If Darrah Ford had picked up on the sex offender stuff, she and the anti’s would have had a field day. Maybe they did. I’m not sure. I have yet to see anything about it, though. What I do know is this:

Desi Foxx is the last person that should be passing judgment on the rest of us. Desi needs to tell her kids she’s sorry for all the harm she’s done to them and all the harm she’s doing to them now with her bullshyt.

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