Chicken Fucker Bill Margold Still Upset Prop60 Supporter Phyllisha Anne Kicked Out Of #NoProp60 Meeting

Oct 11, 2016
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In case you missed it, last week I wrote about Phyllisha Anne being chased out of a NoProp60 meeting. Soon after that award winning post went up, Bill Margold and Phyllisha both showed up to call me names while announcing themselves super heros.

Anyway, after cleaning the feathers off his dick, Margold, in a response to my critically acclaimed post, wrote “the vile and tragically censorial action that was tolerated by The Adult Entertainment Industry’s supposed first line of defense: The Free Speech Coalition”

It would seem he’s upset that Prop60 supporter Phyllisha Anne was bounced out of the meeting last week. I didn’t get a fancy education like Shelley Lubben, but, even with my limited use of the word ‘your’ it seems to me you don’t invite the enemy into your home. Don’t believe me? Ask the Frog brothers what happened when the head vampire Max was invited over for dinner? You didn’t see the Japanese invite President Roosevelt over before they bombed Pearl Harbor. When Cartman was plotting the death of Scott Tenorman’s parents, he didn’t consult with them prior to turning them into chili. That’s not how it works.

So when Phyllisha Anne turned on the industry by colluding with AHF,  she lost all rights to attend any VoteNo meeting. Anyone who thinks otherwise should be shot in the face and left for dead.

Which brings us back to Margold, below is an email he sent out about his podcast:

Fair warning: I will be discussing the events that occurred during  my HISTORXXX show from 4-5:30pm (Pacific Coast time) on the XXXPORNSTARRADIO and there process will be reading the invitation that I was sent that was signed by Steven Hirsch and John Stagliano. Of course, any “concerned”  (or perhaps I should say, “guilty”) parties are welcome to call in: (484) 352-2598.

BTW: can anyone explain why no mention of the meeting has been posted on AVN?


Yea, XXXpornstarradio gave chicken fucker and Prop60 supporter their very own podcast..

Bill, AVN didn’t cover the crack head getting thrown out cuz it’s not really news. She’s like the porn homeless person getting rousted outside of the doughnut shop. The only reason I ran it was because its funny and I have absolutely no standards when it comes to things Ill write about..

“There are lots of crazy stories,” said Margold. “Most of them are magnified way out of fact into myth. The one that I’m accused of the most is having sex with a couple of chickens. These were lot live chickens … it was 1981, I had already gotten off twice [filming on a movie set] … and I still had a pretty good looking erection, and I noticed that there were a couple of cooked chickens sitting on the table. And I had always had the fantasy of seeing what it felt like, so I stuck my dick in one of them and ripped it apart and threw it on the ground, then I went after the second one … when I was ripping the second one apart the bone broke, and I didn’t realize chicken bones were sharp, and deep into my hand, I’m looking at the scar right now, so I pulled out the bone, blood was shooting out, Paul Thomas [said], ‘My God, he’s fucking the chicken!’ That’s grown into this legend of my going into an entire barnyard and screwing every animal there.”



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William Margold
4 years ago

What’s going to be really interesting—and essentially proof if the TRIPE site is read by anyone that isn’t being mentioned on it—will be, with possibly the exception of S.T.(D?) who might not even know how to dial a phone, the amount of call-ins after enduring all of this “Absolutely Vacuous Nonsense.”

chicken love
chicken love
4 years ago

OMG this is the greatest thing ever. Meth head teams up with a guy who fucks chickens. Union Strong

Save The Chickens
Save The Chickens
4 years ago

Reading Margolds last comment one has to wonder if he hasn’t caught some sort of chicken STD himself. Do chickens carry syphliss? Has Bill fucked so many chickens he finally went mad? My question would be did Bill use a condom when he fucked the chickens? How will prop 60 affect Bill when he’s out prowling for chickens?

4 years ago

Holy shit man, this old bastard really fucked a chicken. No wonder that sick fuck teamed up with the rip off union Social outkast always find each other

4 years ago

The worst parts aren’t that he fantasized about fucking a chicken or he actually fucked a chicken. No, the worst parts are that he fucked a chicken with other people around and admits to it years later. And don’t get me started on how depraved it is to rape the corpse of a deceased chicken. Beastiality plus Necrophilia means there must be some hardcore damage in that fellow. I guess it starts with the low self esteem that made him think no live chicken would consent to participating in the unnatural sex he lusted for. Now I’ll admit to taking… Read more »

4 years ago

Having been born with a conscience precludes me from taking advantage of damaged individuals for profit, though I am intrigued by the idea of grifting the government. Think I could split the baby and accept fellatio as a form of copay? From the broads of course. Mopes can do yardwork. If a chicken came into my office, I would do its session gratis, and warn it about this Margold fella. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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