Christian Mann ‘Celebration of Life’ Video

Oct 4, 2014
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Our friend and supporter Christian Mann passed away on July 30, and a veritable ‘who’s who’ of the adult community came out to celebrate his remarkable life on August 8 in Van Nuys, California. It was a day none of us will ever forget, and TRPWL is honored to share the following video of the event with all of you.

His wife Melissa Mann writes —

Christian Mann 'Celebration of Life' Video Now Online

I just finished watching Christian’s memorial service, and I’m so happy to be able to share it with all of you. (I have almost no memory of even being there, so it’s nice to actually see it.) It reminds me of how much I miss him, but it’s also a wonderful celebration of his richness of spirit and his incredible journey. This man was loved by so many–and as he said about himself, “he loved life, and he loved people.” Thank you again for being part of his amazing life–and again, you all know that pain shared is divided and love shared is multiplied. I’m so grateful that you’ve shared your bottomless love and helped divide the searing pain of loss with me. You all make my life better.

Since there are so many speakers, here’s a handy list of the start times for each one. It’s quite a gallery. And even though I clearly couldn’t shut up, I didn’t say half of what I wanted to say.

Paul Fishbein: 0:02
Christian on Christian: 6:01
Jason Mann: 11:07
Melissa Villanueva: 14:43
Paul Cambria: 16:20
Joel Kaminsky: 23:47
Glenn King: 28:16
Norman Apstein: 32:15
Larry Paciotti: 35:55
Julia Ann: 41:08
Peter White: 42:57
Joey Wilson: 46:00
Constance Penley: 55:11
Kimberly Wynn: 59:07
John Stagliano: 1:01:15
Rocco Siffredi: 1:03:27
James Deen: 1:04:21
David Perry: 1:05:17
Howard Levine: 1:06:02
Mr. Marcus: 1:09:33
Johnny Soporno: 1:11:55
Julian St. Jox: 1:17:00
Gram Ponante: 1:18:29
Sande Hart: 1:22:27
Lexington Steele: 1:27:40
Peter Warren: 1:30:29
Melissa Mann: 1:31:15
Steven Hirsch: 1:48:00
A few final words from Christian: 2:01:15

A Celebration of Life


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