Christian Mann emails Mike South

Sep 22, 2013
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Last week, porn blogger Mike South posted about an email he’d received from Christian Mann. Mann is an adult industry veteran of over 30 years. He’s the former owner of Video Team, currently the General Manager of Evil Angel Video, a board member of the Free Speech Coalition, and point man for the PASS testing/test verification system for adult performers.

Christian Mann

Mike’s post is dated Sept 20th, which is when I got the email as well…


Here is Christian Mann’s email to Mike South:

Dear Mike:

Up until this moment, I have made it a policy to not respond or react to your blog postings because they are so frequently filled with rhetoric that is laced with personal attacks rather than constructive criticism. It’s clear that your anti-FSC bias is so powerful that you look for every opportunity to find fault, even in those cases when it requires a stretch of logic that is comical. Additionally, you frequently post opinions and accusations as if they were factual in a manner that blurs the line between opinion-based editorial and fact based reporting. Since you’ve “called me out”, but never actually called or e-mailed me to corroborate or rebut the many articles you post about me or my work at FSC, I simply concluded that facts must take a back seat to your agenda. As such, it never made sense to engage or acknowledge, even when I know that so many of your assertions have been 100% wrong.

I’m breaking with tradition today because I’m concerned that you’re giving talent some dangerous advice regarding testing. I hope you will put aside your feelings about the Free Speech Coalition and Diane Duke just long enough to consider some of the facts that I’m stating…

First, the Free Speech Coalition does not own CET. In fact, PASS accepts data from CET and TTS as well as several other testing facilities that have signed on and agreed to our protocols. It is true that TTS and PASS have had some disagreements in the past, and may have some issues yet to be resolved, however I’m proud of the effort I personally expended to bring TTS on board as a fully accredited PASS provider. I don’t have a preference at all as to performers using TTS or CET since they both provide data to PASS. My umbrage is with your remark that talent should refuse to use PASS at all. Given that several studios have mandated that test authentication must include verification of availability from the PASS system, and given that the PASS console is not subject to the danger of altered reports being used by talent — a danger that exists when performers rely on each other without the safeguard offered by PASS verification, your advice becomes a disservice to the performers. By the way, I recently had lunch with Sixto who told me in no uncertain terms that PASS is an important tool that must continue to exist.

Second, the Free Speech Coalition makes exactly zero dollars from PASS, CET, testing, etc. The reality is that FSC spends money to staff, program and maintain the PASS data base. Unlike AIM, which was funded by monthly fees from studios as well as testing fees, The Free Speech Coalition has never solicited one cent from talent, receives no kickback or benefit from testing facilities nor has it used PASS as a fund raising vehicle for FSC. It created PASS in the vacuum left by AHF’s successful vanquishing of AIM and in the course of stepping up at a time the industry needed us, created a very good model that has found a way to be devoid of the weaknesses that eventually shuttered AIM. Is it perfect? No. Can it be improved? Yes. Are we open to suggestions and input from all sectors of the industry, the legal community and the medical community? You bet. Do we recognize that even while PASS is a data base resource and not a medical enterprise, that it must eventually become independent of the Free Speech Coalition? Yes.

Last, if you want to be taken seriously by me (and I don’t presume that you do), I would implore you to address facts and avoid hyperbole such as your preposterous statement: “…Diane Duke would rather lie to you than tell you the truth, she would rather see you die a horrible death than lose twenty dollars in ‘donations’ to the FSC.” Even with your stated disdain for Ms. Duke, I can’t believe you truly believe this to be true.

In summation, I have devoted a lot of time and effort as the FSC Board Member chairing the PASS initiative. I have received no recompense and I have no ulterior motive other than to be of service to my industry. The scores of performers and agents who have encountered me over the last thirty years would likely vouch for my integrity and genuine care for them as people and as a vital component of the business. I’ve never viewed the performers in an “us and them” paradigm. A simple collective “us” has always been my approach. Without our performers, I would have had no job for thirty-plus years. I’ve never forgotten that. Suggestions to the contrary, even in the 2013 social media, conflict driven hate-sphere, are hurtful. Don’t worry. I have thick skin. I’ve faced other significant challenges beside the ones I’m facing at FSC. I have faith that it’s yet possible for our industry, terribly divided at the moment, to return to one that is united and resolve disagreements using civil discourse, a little humility and some willingness to put aside our differences in the interest of the greater good.

Mr. South, you and I can agree to disagree on a number of issues. If you were to put aside the politics of personal attacks and were willing to reach out and check a fact in the interest of getting to the truth, regardless of how it changes the story, I would champion your efforts. Until such time, my only request is that if you post this letter, you post it in its entirety.


Christian S. Mann

Evil Angel Video

14141 Covello Street Unit 8-C

Van Nuys, CA 91405

South chose to not run Mann’s email in whole or in part, likening it to a press release:

“I have chosen NOT to run it for that reason. I wouldn’t allow them to buy an ad on this site so why should I allow them to get a press release run…They could send that to AVN and XBiz and they will run it but I am sure that Christian knows that they lack the credibility that I have.”

With all due respect Mike, this letter didn’t need to go to AVN or XBIZ; they don’t attack FSC and PASS or CET or Christian Mann every day.

Usually, you love to post the other view so you can lambast it. You’re not posting Mann’s letter because you have no good rebuttal for many of the points, and you can’t handle criticism.

Mike, this email was sent to you in an effort to bring clarity to some of the accusations that you and others have made. Your comment “its filled with all the same press release bullshit that The FSC has been pumping out from day one, a lot of stuf is not true” isn’t flying either. You routinely post reader emails from “anonymous” sources and blurbs that we both know aren’t true, but fit your agenda.

In my opinion, if a any blog is going to write about issues regarding FSC, PASS, CET, etc., it should seek out direct statements from people involved with these matters at the highest level. That’s how we do it at TRPWL.

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Fake Mike South
7 years ago

Yall need to get some more comments here. Have yall considered writing as a female or typing your comments into a translation program and then translating them back into English? It works wonders for me.

There’s no need to pat me on the back for those tips, you don’t want to break my spine do you?

Anthony Kennerson
7 years ago

Come on, you really think that a troll like Mike South will ever allow the truth to get in the way of his vendetta?? Especially when there’s AHF GOLD in dem dair hills??

He has become a poor imitator of a porn Matt Drudge, shouting the same broken record in an endless loop.

7 years ago

I am not going to get into whatever issues people have with Mike South but I beg to differ on one point in Christian’s letter. As PASS originally was proposed talent was to pay a $50 per year entry fee. Therefore the FSC through APHSS/PASS did originally ask talent for money towards this system. Christian may have fought to eliminate that fee or even been the person to make the decision to eliminate it, I don’t know but the FSC was originally going to require talent to pay a fee to participate in the program. As for Diane Duke (who… Read more »

7 years ago

can performers write off their tests as a business/employment expense?

7 years ago
Reply to  wit

Yes, along with many other things, like enemas, make up clothes, rubbers, shoes, mani/pedis, hair stylist, tanning, waxing, etc.

7 years ago
Reply to  crunkleschwitz

As an accountant by education I can confirm this. However the clothing and shoes are only deductible if they cannot reasonably be used for day to day wear (ex. six inch leather heels, latex rubber suits). I would also add kinky sex items such as rope, handcuffs, leather restraints as well as condoms and lube to this list. Performers, keep your receipts all year for tax time. Testimony from other performers or directors confirming these items necessity may also be useful if the IRS audits your return.

7 years ago

How does South tout credibility when he recently posted a 2yr old BackPage ad that obviously wasn’t HIV #3, and prior to that, the 50 Mope Anal Gangbang pic that didn’t have Corvous in it? Then he runs the mealy mouth game in his own comment section to try and swerve the shit, instead of pulling an erroneous post. Really, it is Hack Click Generation 101, nothing credible about it.

I am starting to think South is sadder and more pathetic than Ross, because South doesn’t have the alcohol addiction issues to use as an excuse.

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
7 years ago
Reply to  crunkleschwitz

How? It’s called self-delusion and it’s an amazing thing to behold. South is a spectacularly ridiculous scoundrel, a bitter old man, and a fraud.

‘Mike South’ is the punchline to jokes that people who work in the adult business tell each other at urinals.


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