If You Don’t Pay Attention To Me I’ll Write The IRS! — The Jon Rodgers Story

Oct 3, 2013
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Today, Mike South ran a copy of an IRS complaint filed on Free Speech Coalition (FSC) by a self-described “Consultant – Producer” named Jon Rodgers.

Rodgers is a 66 year old porn fan and producer of ultra low-end videos such as “Kayla Shaves and Pees (2005)” and “Aching Ball Hand Jobs #14” who desperately wants to be a respected adult industry mover and shaker.

Jon's balls ache

Jon’s balls ache

Any old man can pay a gal for a hand job, but a shrewd old man will try to monetize it…

Jonny’s Here To Help

Over the last year and a half, Rodgers has made a nuisance of himself, sending emails chock full of suggestions to dozens of people connected to the industry — from Bill Margold to Steve Nelson to members of the FSC board. At that point in time, he was 100% behind FSC and its goals.

Here’s a funny email sent by Rodgers during last year’s No On Measure B campaign:

Email to Marci

Yes, Jon Rodgers is telling Vivid Entertainment‘s Marci Hirsch how to get exposure for Vivid’s “girls.” LMAO — And he’s kind enough to attach a copy of the unsolicited Op/Ed that the L.A. Daily News threw in the circular file.

The words most frequently used to describe the disgruntled Rodgers, by those he’s annoyed endlessly with his emails, are: “pathetic,” “comical,” and “asshole” — and his screeds, with titles such as “TALKING POINTS” and “CONDOM LAW COMMENTARY THIS MORNING”, make it clear why.

Rodgers is an obsessive letter-writer. He’s written to the mayors of every city in LA County. He’s written the newspapers. He’s written AHF-owned Assemblyman Isadore Hall, and Cal-OSHA…

Email to Hall and OSHA
The guy must be lonely. Maybe the grandkids don’t visit very often…
Rodgers’ claim to fame is his involvement in an airport noise case in the 1990s. Here’s what the local papers had to say about him:


As Rodgers put it in one email, “I eventually brought down Oakland’s entire noise abatement program because it was unreasonable, even though it did reduce and eliminate noise for Alameda.  Since then, I have become a consultant specializing in noise mitigation and also a very small-time producer of very mild adult videos…

CUT TO: 2013 — Jon has his widdle panties in a bunch because no one in the adult business has given him the amount of attention he craves. Rodgers used to be Johnny On The Spot, constantly offering helpful information to FSC in support of its agenda — but once he felt under-appreciated, Jon turned on the powers that be who spurned him.

Naturally, this led him to the forum of last resort for adult business cast-offs and misfits: Mike South. Like South, Rodgers is upset that no one in a position of leadership has embraced him as the man with all the answers, or followed his advice.

And an IRS complaint against FSC — the favorite whipping boy of Mike South and his friends at AHF — was born.

TRPWL asked a 15-year veteran IRS investigator for his thoughts on Form 13909 complaints such as Rodgers’, and he maintains that it’s unlikely to go anywhere: “It all depends on how hated the non-profit is. Some conservative non-profits, for example, get hundreds [of complaints] a month and they’re still in operation.

Let’s review the allegations in Rodgers’ hand-written complaint:

This organization is attempting to act as a regulatory agency by imposing mandatory regulations and edicts…”

LOL, no one would think FSC is a regulatory agency, Jon. It’s not a government body — it’s a trade association, supported by membership dues paid by entities and individuals in the industry. The membership votes for the FSC board directors every year. FSC does not make regulations any more than AIM made regulations. PASS testing protocols are voluntarily but universally observed by producers who use professional porn talent.

The remainder of Rodger’s complaint is a re-hash of the same old Mike South lies, (“It is believed they also own “PASS” which may be a for profit enterprise as well as “Cutting Edge Testing”. Such ownership may also be a conflict of interest.”) — the same lies South was recently called out for by 30+ year industry veteran and FSC board member Christian Mann (in an email South refused to publish).

It is “believed” FSC owns CET” Really? Based on what evidence? PASS is “a for profit enterprise”? Are you high? As Christian Mann informed South, “Free Speech Coalition makes exactly zero dollars from PASS, CET, testing, etc. The reality is that FSC spends money to staff, program and maintain the PASS data base.” Unlike AIM, which was funded by monthly fees from studios as well as testing fees, performers do not pay any fees to PASS, and the monies paid by producers go toward reimbursement of performers’ testing costs.

In short, Rodgers’ IRS complaint is a joke and no one at FSC is remotely concerned about it. The charges are baseless, and any investigation would be a waste of taxpayer dollars.

At least we now know the identity of one of Mike South’s top “industry insiders”– based on the emails forwarded to TRPWL, it’s Jon “The Pest” Rodgers.

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Fake Mike South
10 years ago

Yall are neglecting to report it but my sources tell me Christian Mann had two bowel movements today and Fabian brushed his teeth for 72 seconds. Who brushes their teeth?

Christian Mann
Christian Mann
10 years ago

Holy cow! Fake Mike South is stalking me. How else would he know about my two bowel movements? For the record, the last round of treatments have given me “radiation enteritis” which has similar symptoms to those experienced by people with IBS. In addition to the horrible bland diet, I have IBS-A — whcih means I alternate between constipation and diarrhea. Today has been a two bowel movement day (so far) and Fake Mike South is obviously spying on me. Shit. Literally. Shit. P.S. Who is Jon Rodgers and who cares?

Fake Mike South
10 years ago
Reply to  Christian Mann

Two words Christian Mann. Toilet cam. Two more words. Thank you for the erection.

P.S. I’d beat three strippers and kill a hooker for a solid bowel movement.


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