Clover Jailed; Taken Into Custody During Hearing in Van Nuys Court

Jan 30, 2015
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Friday morning in Superior Court in Van Nuys, adult performer Clover was taken into custody and jailed for violating the terms of his probation.

Clover was arrested in Las Vegas on Jan. 24, and charged with domestic battery and felony drug possession, only 17 days after his release from a Los Angeles jail. In addition to jail time, Clover had been sentenced to 3 years probation, and one year of domestic violence classes. Having a criminal charge filed against him constitutes a violation of the terms of his probation.

City attorneys argued that he posed a tremendous risk to the community, having been arrested several times in the past year, with a long string of domestic violence, property damage, and drug-related cases (and even an animal abuse conviction) going back several years.

The city attorney told the court that she had read TRPWL‘s reports on Clover and seen the photographs of injuries suffered by Clover’s now ex-girlfriend, adult starlet Morgan Lee, in Las Vegas.

Clover’s defense attorney Michael A. Goldstein argued against jailing his client, saying he’s no longer in adult business and is working as a mover, and will thus have no contact with performers or other members of the adult community. He also stated that Clover will be checking into rehab.

Clover had brought along a doctor from a San Fernando Valley rehab facility, who had just begun speaking when Commissioner Mulcahy cut him off.

Mulcahy referred to Clover’s long list of recent cases, and the fact that he is also on probation in a yet another battery case, before ordering Clover remanded on $250,000 bond.

Clover booking sheet 1-30-15 1

A hearing will be held regarding Clover’s probation violation on Feb. 19, and Lee will be asked to testify.

UPDATE: Both Lee and Jaen attended the hearing, as did and Clover’s mother. However, due to scheduling conflicts which prevented coordination between prosecutors in Los Angeles and Las Vegas (a.k.a. phone tag), the hearing was rescheduled for Monday, Feb. 23.

Casey Purser pka Clover -- Clover Jailed; Taken Into Custody During Hearing in Van Nuys Court

Casey Purser pka Clover

Clover was in court for a restitution hearing related to a May 2014 domestic battery of his then-girlfriend, makeup artist Jennifer Marie Jaen. He was sentenced for that crime on Nov. 17, and released Jan. 7.

Clover, legal name Casey Purser, kicked in the door of Jaen’s residence following May 2014 attack, causing damage, and a vandalism report was filed. Friday’s hearing was called to settle the issue of restitution to Jaen.

When his case was called, one of the city attorneys immediately told the court that she wanted to address a more serious matter, and request that Clover’s probation be revoked.

Clover then asked to use the restroom, and Commissioner Mulcahy ordered him to stay in the building, and that if he did not the court would issue a bench warrant for a quarter million dollars.

“Do you understand!?” he intoned.

According to Jaen, Clover’s defense attorney claimed to have had no knowledge of the new charges filed against his client in Las Vegas.

Jenn Marie Jaen Photo: Twitter/@jennmariejaen

Jenn Marie Jaen
Photo: Twitter/@jennmariejaen

Before the proceeding began, Jaen informed a city attorney of the criminal charges Clover now faces in Las Vegas Justice Court stemming from his arrest Jan. 24 related to the beating of Morgan Lee, as well as drug possession.



According to Jaen, as a prosecutor read the information she gave him, he shook his head and whispered, “Jesus…”

Clover was released from jail in Los Angeles on January 7, having been remanded into custody on Nov. 17 in Van Nuys court. He had been given the choice of either accepting a plea deal or standing trial on charges stemming from the May 2014 battery.

In addition to jail time, Clover was sentenced to 3 years probation, and one year of Domestic Violence classes.

Additionally, the California court ordered Clover to stay away from alcohol, and places where alcohol is sold, upon his release. According to Lee and other witnesses, Clover has not fulfilled that condition.

Clover himself made some admissions on Twitter, before his account disappeared:

Clover 1-27-15 a Clover 1-27-15 b

In an exclusive interview with TRPWL, Morgan Lee said that Clover “beat the shit out of” her in their Las Vegas hotel room last week, and that she had pressed every possible charge against him.

Morgan Lee

Morgan Lee

Lee said that Clover also had hit her and choked her earlier, on Friday night, before the LATATA ‘White Party’.

Lee recently shared photos of injuries she maintains she suffered at Clover’s hands.

Clover was held at the Clark County Detention Center — the same jail currently houses disgraced MMA fighter War Machine — on $8,000 USD bail.

While still in jail, Clover was dropped by his talent agent. He was released on Jan. 25 and returned to California.

Formal charges were subsequently filed against him in Las Vegas Justice Court.


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