Here We Go Again: TJ Cummings Doing Content Trade??

Apr 23, 2018
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TJ Cummings

In December 2013, we had a moratorium, the reason for that shut down was TJ Cummings…And before anyone accuses me of outing him, he outed himself 5 years ago..

After testing positive for HIV, TJ still tried to work, telling some it was a false positive, telling others his viral load was undetectable, telling others his HIV was caught so early, it could be reversed with the right meds…

So here we are almost 4.5 years later, and he’s allegedly still up to his old tricks..I was told this morning that he’s actually reached out to as many as 4 different girls trying to do content trade.

Someone suggested that he may be forging his tests since HE IS NOT clear in PASS.. The more likely scenario is, he’s trading content with people who don’t test regularly, most likely due to money reasons…

Porn is a high turnover business, unless you were around in 2013, you probably have no clue that TJ caused a work stoppage…

Don’t be the reason we have another..

Ask for a fucking test, and if the test looks suspect, don’t shoot…Even the money AHF will give you to turn on your friends after you get diagnosed with HIV won’t pay the bills

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Audrey Horne
Audrey Horne
4 years ago

I thought he is now some fitness instructor in LA. Didn’t know he’s still doing content. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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