LOL—> Lauren Phillips Marries The Guy She’s “NOT DATING”

Dec 28, 2020
Adult Business
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Remember that one time a few years back I wrote that gripping Nexxxt Level post? The one about them repeatedly breaking the The California Talent Agency Act.

Imagine smoking meth, peeing in cups, or being so ugly, you have to use your writing platform to bang chicks.

Oops my bad, went off on a tangent.

After I wrote that Nexxxt Level piece, I got into a Twitter talk with Ole bait and switch herself,  Lauren Phillips. I asked her flat out if she was dating Jonathan Morgan:

Pretty sure she  tweeted TRPWL that her and Jonathan weren’t dating, and that they were just “business partners.”

From that same post:

“Word to the wise, when you tweet TRPWL, rest assured it will get screened BEFORE you can delete it. Then one day, it will be used against you like a gang banger selling out the homies on A&E’s award winning show, The First 48.”

I know, maybe they fell in love AFTER that post went up. Hell, I could be the reason they got together, and you know what that means?

It means every time Morgan lies and says “so and so isn’t available but Lauren is” TRPWL gets 20% of the booking fee.

Maybe they really weren’t dating, and both placed personal ads in the LA Times. What if they both like Piña coladas and getting caught in the rain?

They could of met on Tinder, she swiped left on him, then she stopped getting bookings, so they got married.

Maybe when she took him to bingo she realized they should get married.

Maybe he showed her his leather helmet, started reminiscing about his football glory days, and they fell in love.

Or possibly Jonathan was at Denny’s for the early bird special and realized that he could save money on his car insurance if he was married.

Or maybe, and this is a small maybe, they were actually dating when we had that twitter conversation and she just lied?

I guess we will never know.







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Trump is King
Trump is King
3 years ago

Looks like her sugar daddy. Congrats to them.

Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy
3 years ago

Looks like a bad Photoshop job(superimposing Johns head onto the body of a guy who needs to use a lint roller on his cheap suit). Also, one of his teeth looks like its got a cavity. Tijuana is 2.5 hours from Los Angeles and they have cheap dentists there, who happen to be really good. Not sure why anyone would hire Mrs. Phillips……milfs are everywhere .

3 years ago

Why he look like an undertaker? And she looks like a Waffle House hooker. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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