Meet Twitter Troll Philip Alexander Smyth, Stalker And Dick Injector

Jun 27, 2013
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Sex workers being trolled online is nothing new. It happens to a majority of the girls, and, unfortunately, many say that having to block some idiot on occasion is just the price you pay for being involved in a line of work that still carries so much stigma.

JoJo is a phone sex operator. IMO, any person who makes a living providing erotic or adult services is a sex worker. But JoJo has also been willing, as a matter of principle, to take public stands against AHF’s crusade against adult performers and producers, as well as frauds like Shelley Lubben, and in doing so she has willingly opened herself up to criticism from anti-porn/anti-sex work forces.

Normally, a troll would simply get a few lines in the ‘twitter troll’ thread on my forum…but this guy is too twisted to be limited to a forum post. Philip Alexander Smyth  is someone everyone needs to be aware of, as I doubt this is his first or last time.

Below is JoJo’s story, in her own words…


My name is JoJo, and I’m a proud sex worker.

So here I am living my life… Working from my home as a phone talk model. I’ve been employed by one of the top phone sex services for the past seven years, and I’ve managed to build a following of regular callers with whom I’ve developed close relationships over the phone. I also work for another talk service, and in real life I manage an apartment complex. I feel very fortunate that I have safe jobs that allow me to provide for myself a very modest lifestyle.

One day back in March of this year, I ran into a man from the neighborhood I grew up in. Wow — I remember checking him out back in the day and I always thought he was hot, but he was, like, way older than me and I was just a kid then. Well, I’m of age now and so of course we hook up. I always like older men and we come from the same world, so things just seemed to be coming together for us…

 Philip Alexander Smyth  (714)337-2188 cell phone

From the first time Phil came over to my apartment and we hooked up, he seemed to never leave. We got along great. He would cook for me and we would play cards and watch movies and well of course we had a lot of sex too. Phil told me he was a car salesman and that he was in between jobs. He said he was going to look for a job next week, that he was enjoying being with me, and that he needed the break from working.

Phil would love listening to my phone sex calls. He would silently lick my pussy or even fuck me for my callers. It was all good and he seemed to become my boyfriend instantly. But after about the second month with Phil he started to unravel. He hadn’t even looked for a job. He wanted to move in with me and he would bring his clothes and things over, and then, after a couple days he’d take them back to his place. His place, I later found out, was his mom and dad’s house.

Phil’s demeanor started to change towards me overnight. He always used to like listening to me do my calls. Suddenly, that seemed to not be the case. We used to laugh and have the best of times together. That was changing too. Everything seemed to just get weird with him. I started to see a different side of Phil: talking smack to me, putting me down. Fighting and arguing with me like a psycho. Sending me weird and hateful text messages — messages that just didn’t make any sense.

He still wasn’t looking for a job and he tells me he is running out of money and he’s got bills due, etc… He just wasn’t the same Phil who had been so much fun and always made me laugh and seemed so genuine.

Then, 2 1/2 months after we hooked up, I discovered my laptop was missing.

From the start, one of the things I really liked about Phil, and which was very important to me, was the fact that I could trust him. So much for all that. So when I noticed that my laptop was missing I mentioned it to Phil and his response to me was, “I didn’t take it, lil Jeff is the one that took it, you let him inside.” He started raising his voice to me and got really mad about it, when hey I’m the one that has the right to be mad, not you Phil. So needless to say Phil had just gotten to my place he hurried up and left real quick. He knew he was caught and yet he blamed lil Jeff. Lil Jeff is my house boy who helps out with the cleaning, dishes and floors and goes to the store for me, etc. He is loyal and in the 3 years he’s been here has never stolen anything (every woman needs a lil Jeff in their life for real).

So the hateful text messages start coming out of nowhere, and the gross-as-fuck pictures… and then he would be sorry. He would come over and tell me he didn’t mean what he did and said, and he would give me the most awesome makeup sex. So I would forgive him. I allowed him to hang out again, and it was during one of the last make up sessions that I caught him.

Phil was in the bathroom, and the door was ajar, so I went in to get my makeup and I caught him. Phil obviously thought I was still outside. When I walked into the bathroom I saw him injecting the needle into his dick!! OMG, I knew instantly what it was. Suddenly everything was starting to make sense to me now.

I had just caught Phil red handed slamming dope into his dick!!! I will never forget the look on Phil’s face as I saw liquid going into the vein in his dick. He came and came and couldn’t control it. I just stood there watching for a what seemed like forever until he pulled the needle out of his dick. I didn’t say a word the entire time I just watched and was shocked. The look of release washed over him as his dick was cumming and cumming and he was having a great orgasm, and then it all turned to rage when he saw me standing there.

I walked out of the bathroom and I knew then that I couldn’t be Phil’s girlfriend anymore. I think I realized right then that I never *was* his girlfriend. Phil’s girlfriend is Tina. Phil loves Tina; he showed me that, right there in my bathroom that day. Our relationship could never the same. So Phil finally came clean with me and admitted his meth addiction.

We grew apart, Phil became meaner to me, and we would barely see each other. Finally I got my laptop back. Guess who had it … yep. Phil brought it back to me finally with some lame excuse about “security” he had installed in it. Oh, the paranoia… my wireless internet connection that broke into his laptop and his desktop computer and his cell phone, because I was maliciously trying to steal his information. Oh, I will save all that for another story; that’s a story all in itself.

So then I find out that after getting my laptop back that my bank statement, credit card statement and social security card are all missing. When I bring it up to him Phil tells me, “Yeah, I took them! So what, I did it, what are you gonna do about it, bitch?!?” More hate texts followed, and now he’s graduated to creating phony hate profiles and hate accounts to attack me online. This is a truly sick man I’m dealing with. He is crazy, crazy!

I still haven’t got any of my bank or credit card statements and social security card back. I’ve also realized he took some other little trinkets of mine. I tell him to give them all back, and of course he mocks me and more hate texts and emails follow. Then he admits he did it and says that he’s not giving me any of these things back. Why? “Because you’re fucking Michael Whiteacre!!!!!!” he says.

Oh, the things that unbalanced, immature, and drug-addled minds conjure up! What drama! I’ve never even met Michael in person. He’s a long-time online friend whose work in support of the adult industry, and in favor of human rights for sex workers, I have supported for years. He, along with Sean at TRPWL, has always been there for me and NEVER judged or shamed me. I’ve met some wonderful people through Michael and TRPWL, including fellow sex workers whom I can talk to about anything because they have walked in my shoes.

I am an honest person, I am a loyal friend, and I am survivor. I hope my story serves as a helpful cautionary tale to my sister — and brother — sex workers, and that Phil’s sick abuse will end soon. I suppose the lesson is: be cautious about who you let into your life. I have never been more grateful for all my friends and supporters.



Readers can show their support for JoJo on twitter at @JoJouslove

If anyone wants to reach out to Philip Alexander Smyth give him a call or text (714)337-2188

Instead of posting all the sick texts and pics on the blog, I will put them in the forum. We encourage anyone else whose been harassed to come forward or post your anonymous story in his thread.

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11 years ago

kudos to you JoJo, for standing up to this loser. wtf is wrong with people? we have another one for the tard pile. it’s starting to reek!

11 years ago
Reply to  wit

Thanks wit… Thanks for your support as always. I never thought I would ever have to go through anything like this ever. Its unbelievable really.. Its like wtf is wrong with people is right and that tard pile is beyond reeking!!

Im gonna be posting some updates in the forum as this lil dick slammer just won’t stop messing with me and he’s now graduated to messing with my friends too…

Follow my posts in TRPWL forum –

Thanks again JOJO xo

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago
Reply to  JOJO

Dick Slammer isn’t a bad porn name…

11 years ago

If you got a big dick then *dick slammer* is a cool porn name, lol

11 years ago
Reply to  JOJO

dick slammer would be a good porn name for a dom, too. 😉

11 years ago

I hope this dick injecting fag gets hit by a bus.

11 years ago

I would not shed a tear for him, nope not 1..

I will be posting updates in the TRPWL Forum…

Thanks for your support – Come follow me there..

10 years ago

Why can’t asshole meth abusers just OD and die. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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