Sad And Lonely: A Day In The Life Of Net Troll Roger Coghill

Aug 14, 2012
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Everyone wants to feel needed. It’s a great feeling to know your presence makes others happy. Most people are able to achieve that just by being a good friend, partner or parent. But sometimes you get those who can’t get find that in their normal everyday lives. Roger Coghill is that guy. Roger’s the volunteer fireman who sets the fire so he can put it out. He’s the nurse who deliberately injects patients with deadly combos of meds so he can save them and be the hero.

Roger has been trolling me since last year when Nica and I had a falling out. I’m talking 6-8 months ago. She’s been off my radar for a while now. I’ve not written or said anything publicly to her in a long time. So where does that leave Roger? Well…with nothing to do.

Sure, he could battle some little hanger on-ers. But he knows that Nica truly despises me, Whiteacre, Jon Catt, and Gram Ponante. Problem with this is, we all cut a deal with a certain porn company to leave each other alone. Which we have done, for the most part.

This truce is unacceptable to Roger. So what is a troll to do? Well let me run down a quick list of Rogers activities for the last few months…

We can start with this. Ole Rog doesn’t want anyone following Nica, following me and Whiteacre:

Does anyone know what MW and ST stand for?

Dammit what the fuck does MW and ST stand for?

That was a odd thing to say? Almost like he has her blessing.

I’m thinking he’s got a little mouse in his pocket. Who’s moved on? What the fuck does MW and ST mean?

Holy shit, MW and ST is Michael Whiteacre and Shawn Thompson . I’m pretty sure that he’s talking about me. I mean what are the odds there is another Michael Whiteacre and Shawn Thompson that Roger doesn’t like? So I chime in:

But it does involve me Roger. You’re hassling someone for no other reason than they follow me on twitter. But like the little bitch you are, you know who you can and can’t talk to like that. LMAO Me and your master share many followers.

Of course, I could have had a nice little blog post with that, but why should I? Nica’s not bothering me. She’s making movies and putting money in the pockets of talent and I’m grateful for that. I stood 5 feet from her booth for 20 minutes at AVN, talking to a certain girl. Never said a word.

Move forward a few months. I’m minding my own business and another blog wants to do a story on me. I do the interview and it goes up. Here’s a screen cap of an answer:

Nothing derogatory about that. I kind of praise Nica. Well, that didn’t stop Roger from attacking me on Taters site. Not once but twice. lol

Again, I did nothing. Meantime I’m pimping AEBN videos, including Nica’s trailers. Well again that’s not good enough for Roger. He’s all over my site, posting stupid comments using the same troll IP I caught him with before. Again I let it go.

Two months ago, Lubben’s article goes up, mentions Whiteacre. Well, troll comes over there and starts trashing MW. I jump in and he uses the same insults he’s used in other places. Roger has a very distinct writing style. Certain words get used in certain ways with certain punctuation. This dude truly cant let it go.

We did nothing. Why? Not sure actually. lol

In the mean time Roger, is trashing us on you tube and emailing Spiegler using an alias called Lukeisdone. He’s talking about the videos on TRPWL – saying they are illegal and Spiegs is gonna get in trouble. Of course, the videos are supplied to me by the porn companies themselves, INCLUDING AEBN. When Spiegs basically laughs at him, he resorts to his troll twitter account:

Here he his actually bragging about Luke is Back losing advertising:

And making what appears to be a threat about my AEBN affiliation:

This is funny to me, since AEBN is the one who built my VOD, graphics and all. Well, at this point after about six months of non-stop trolling, we all started replying. Everyone knew who it was. He changes his twitter name and for about three days, basically tweets me off on at all times of the night and day:

He cant even get my name right, still thinks im the web designer,.

That’s when Catt jumped in and told everyone Roger got banned from a girl on girl forum. All his posts — everything — gone. This really set Roger off. He went a tirade, and of course we all laughed…

As the twitter fight escalated, someone brought up Roger’s job at Omaha Steaks. Now this is funny: the whole time we are calling this troll account Roger, he’s denying it. And he knows we all know he worked or works at Omaha Steaks — that’s never been disputed. So this morning, I get a tweet from Omaha Steaks. I guess they twitter search their name and saw I had mentioned them.

Well of course that lead me to fire off this tweet to them:

Then about 45 minutes later, I get this tweet from them:

Then poof this tweet was deleted. Two hours later Roger’s troll account is gone as well.

I’m pretty much done with this. It’s up to Roger if there is a part three. Trust me, I’ve got plenty for a 3 and 4…

We have 2 spellings for Roger Coghill, Rodger Coghill.

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11 years ago

Wow, this guy sounds like a real lunatic.

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago

Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be. –Thomas Kempis

Fake Gene Ross
Fake Gene Ross
11 years ago

On occasion I have been defamed with the moniker “lunatic.” My retort to such inaccuracies is “come morning I’ll be sober, and you shall remain an asshole.”

Alas, Tard Rodger can not shake the affliction. Sober, inebriated, sleeping or awake he must always bear the cross of being a border line stalker, lunatic whose co workers Google “kevlar vest” every time he is called to a Supervisor’s office, preparing in the event his employment is terminated.

Omaha Steaks, huh? I prefer my Bourbon aged, and my meats young and tender, and possibly Dominican.

11 years ago

What the hell has fucked Roger Coghill up the ass lately? Evidently according to Roger anyone who likes Nica and also likes this site is a traitor of some sort. Give me a break, Roger! Just because someone follows TRPWL on Twitter shouldn’t mean someone is or should be persona non grata on Nica Noelle’s site and following Nica shouldn’t make a person unwelcome here. I personally don’t read Nica’s Twitter but think she is cute and fuckable and would look great with a ball gag in her mouth and her hands tied behind her (even though I might not… Read more »

Fake Shelley Lubben
Fake Shelley Lubben
11 years ago
Reply to  mharris127

It’s just a downward spiral. I known them well.

I prescribe one seroquel, two ativans, two ambien, one klonopin, one soma, and half a bottle of vodka.

After that takes hold, a God-fearing woman needs to strap one on and give him a good pegging. That’s how Rebel Prophets roll, anyways.


Fake Roger Coghill
Fake Roger Coghill
11 years ago

I may be lonely but I’m not sad!!! I even give out my email address to women at Simon and Garfunkel concerts.

I sure hope she calls me. I know it was eight years ago, but I feel like we had a real connection!!! She said she hates snakes, bullies and liars too!!! - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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