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Nov 2, 2015
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CYBERSPACE (November 2, 2015) – withstood a denial of service attack over this previous weekend. After the attack, an investigation found key files for the Mormon-themed porn site had been modified prior to the attack, starting in early October. The actual DoS attack was executed this weekend, resulting in the site going offline for several hours the morning of the 31st. The site’s administrators were able to restore the site to its full capacity later that day.

The recent attack may be linked to MormonGirlz’ shift to Polygamy, a theme Mormons have tried to distance from themselves. The Polygamy content is ritualistic and reveals the sex cult of the famously secretive Mormons. Hate mail has increased in response to the content posted to the site over the past couple of weeks. Despite the attacks, the website is back up and running.

“We knew we had pissed off a bunch of Mormons with MormonBoyz,” says one of the site’s owners, LeGrand Wolf. “But it’s inherently difficult for Mormons to talk about MormonBoyz publicly. We would get emails which start by justifying why the author was looking at a guy-on-guy site in the first place. Their subscription to the site shouldn’t make us question their sexuality. They just wanted to know the extent to which the site was nothing more than filthy sodomizing smut!”

Continues Wolf, “But now with MormonGirlz delving into the secret realm of LDS plural relationships, which puts the sex rituals between men and women on display, our audience is just a tad larger. But this is our labor of love, and members will definitely continue to enjoy our sites featuring the erotic underbelly of the original American sex cult.”

MormonGirlz’ sibling site, MormonBoyz, dealt with DoS attacks in April 2010 and again in August 2013. IP addresses of the servers used to implement those attacks originated from (or were at least routed through) a zip code exclusively associated with non-residential blocks entirely owned by the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. ( The April attacks also included death threats (

“Having dealt with the DoS attacks on MormonBoyz, we were more prepared for this attack on MormonGirlz,” says Wolf. “We think a lot about security and have redundant backups as well as stronger security in case of future attacks.”

No member information has been compromised as a result of the DoS attack.

“We store absolutely zero member data on our servers,” explained Wolf. “We’re not going to have an Ashley-Madison situation. All membership and payment details for all of our sites are stored and managed by credit card payment processors.” was launched in July 2014 as a girl/girl content site, featuring beautiful Mormon women in traditional temple garments, also referred to as “magic Mormon underwear.” This year, the site introduced members to the dark secret of Mormonism: that the practice of polygamy is alive and well, and secretly continues through a series of rituals conducted in Mormon temples. The added boy/girl content might hit a little too close to home; its recent shift to episodic, storyline-based content has allowed members a peek behind the secret doors of the temple to see a unique form of polygamy and the associated sex-based rituals – something non-Mormons have always found fascinating and taboo.

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About reveals the secret, ritualistic sex practices of Mormonism. The ultimate breeding power rests with a special Seed Bearer, chosen by revelation he is given special authority to spread his seed among the daughters of Zion. The Seed Bearer is free to select his sexual partners — even if those women are already married. The practice is accompanied by a complicated set of highly sacred secret rituals, rarely discussed with outsiders. During their journey, the innocent and obedient young women, mostly virgins, have their soft and tender orifices inspected and inseminated. The process is humiliating and shocking, but Mormon girls are told that it is a rare privilege. If a girl receives this covenant, also known as the second anointing, her name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Plural marriage (aka polygamy) has been practiced publicly by Mormons since 1852, and continues in private making it the longest-running alternative sexual lifestyle in American history. For more information, visit


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