Pissed Off Pornstar: Who Wrote it?

Jul 11, 2013
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Yesterday a reader submitted the below post to The Dirty. It’s written in a way to sound like it came from someone on Derek’s roster. After reading it, you have to wonder, which one of Derek’s girls cant spell his name??? LOL

Pissed Off Pornstar- The Dirty

Based on the amount of misspelled words, the person who wrote it was either really really dumb, or went out of their way to dumb it down for the people who think all porn-stars are stupid. I’ll go with the latter..

Outside of the misspelled name, the accusation that Derek dates Teal Conrad tells you that it was most likely written by someone outside of the LA Direct roster. It’s common knowledge at LA Direct Teal dates someone other than Derek.

I talk with a few girls from LA Direct offline. When I sent them the link, they both said NO WAY it’s true. I’ve heard many stories about Derek, but never a story like this.

The first people that come to mind are Raul and Natasha Starr. I’ve reached out to not only them, but their attorney. The response was basically we didn’t write it. Without a doubt the person who wrote this wanted everyone to think it came from Raul or The Starr sisters..

This list of people who would write this is a hundred pages long front and back. With that being said, why now? I guess when you think about real motive, the list of suspects shrinks to a handful. Like the Alex Chance letter, this just happens to pop up at a very convenient time.

The comment section is a pretty good place to keep a eye on

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, I am writing you today cause there is currently a lawsuite thats pending against Derick Hay the owner of LA Direct Models…this is him.

First off let me say that I am currently one of the girls represented on the LA Direct site. I’m not going to say who I am cause I am afraid for my career in the adult industry as well as my own personal safety. EVERYTHING that comes out of this mans mouth is a lie.

He swears up and down that he is not envolved(spelled phonetically like Donny does) in an escort site called www.Theluxurycompanion.com he has some friends of his that are a couple name Karen and Dave. Karen..(known as Adonia) is the person in charge but her husband is named Dave He takes care of all the computer stuff.

Derick cant be envolved cause he is afraid to get in trouble for violating California Labor Laws(cant spell, but gets this correct and caps all 3) . Nearly every girl that is part of his Agency is told by him that if they want to make extra money that we can work for his escort company. If we dont want to be openly publicised on the escort site Karen will put us on her VIP password protected site.

I have been told by Derick personaly that I had a video shoot and then I show up at a hotel in the valley and there are no cameras. I was upset the first time this happened but I was new and needed the money. The second time I was TOLD what it was upfront. I refussed to go to the job cause it wasnt something that I was really into. I was asked by Karen if i was sure I didnt want to go….I said yes. 5 mins later I get a call from Derick telling me that if I didnt go on the date that I wouldnt be working in the adult industry at all anymore.

He would Blacklist me with every production company in the valley. That I needed to do my job and “stop fucking with my money” (uses quotes here but not anywhere else) I of course did the date but was very upset as this was the same man that sat at his desk a few months earlier as I was about to sign my contract telling me how he would always look out for me and my best intentions.

Im not complaining about being a pornstar…or an escort. Ive made my choices and I guess someone has to do it so it might as well be me. There are multiple pornstar escort companies based in the LA area but nothing as terrible as the way Derick opperates his company.

If your one of the lucky girls and Derick likes you maybe he will date you…like he has done with girls like Amy Brooke….Tasha Riegn and his current girlfriend Teal Conrad. Then you will always get booked for Video work. Maybe he will call you one day and have you come over and give him a handjob so that you can stay in his good graces(very Donny Longish) . Its fucking so wrong his britsh ass needs to get fucking deported.

So many of the models that have left and went to other agencies are scared to speak up cause Derick will just call the production companies and tell them they can’t book any of the LA Direct girls if they work with someone that speaks out against LA Direct.

He has an evil grip on the adult industry and it needs to be stopped. Ive had production companies contact me directly through my twitter account and ask why Im not available. I would respond WHO told you Im not available….its always Derick or the agency…he pushes his favorit girls and they get the most work. I book more stuff for myself than he does…but i always have to pay the agency commision or I will get balck listed and get no work at all. (This paragraph screams Rob Black)

Your known for calling out piece of sh*t people and their terrible business practices….Im hoping that you will post this and let the rest of the world know just what a piece of sh*t this man and BOTH his companies are.

True love.- nik

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