Plush Talent Still Not A Licensed Talent Agency

May 3, 2016
Adult Business News
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This guy keeps telling everyone he’s bonded and Licensed.  As of this morning, the lic # he has on his website ISN’T valid..


Scott, you better get your “Legal Department” on that ASAP.. LOL


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Fuck off
Fuck off
5 years ago

Did you pay your child support yet you little bitch. You keep fucking with this guy but everything he is going is great! I’m just a fan of all the Plush Models and your just a punk bitch that beats his wife. Say what you want punk your nothing more then a cry baby bitch with no life.

Fuck off
Fuck off
5 years ago

Seriously Sean Tompkins who are you to talk about about anyone. Your more of a looser then anyone. Your Twitter gets no respect. Your site gets no respect. You bash Plush but there still signing girls and booking all the time. Maybe it’s time for you guys to give up! - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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