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Jul 8, 2011
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While i was fast asleep dreaming of the NFL strike being over, one of my favorite hackers was going thru some info that he found written down on a piece of paper at the local Walmart..After he contacted a Professor they along with a marine biologist determined that these were PMs from PWL …Many thanks PWL TROLL and Prof Dlaihamgnized..

PWL User Cali discloses Location and School:
“Cali”;”Re: good news”;”[QUOTE=emma jade][QUOTE=Cali]I’m pleased to see your wiki is being removed, Emma. Things can move at a snail’s pace here — or so it seems — and your patience was admirable
Best of luck in your pharmaceutical pursuits.

Cali, Thanks:) I just saw it. It wasn’t too long of a wait. The other girl waited months! Yes, I’m getting ready to take the P-cat in September, and putting in my applications right now. This takes away a liitle bit of the stress, lol!

Good luck with your studying! I’m in Austin for the summer, and I’ve heard great things about the Pharmacy school here (at UTexas), but apparently it’s awfully difficult to get into. Then again, I imagine most of them are.

If you need help with your personal statement, I’m a pro. 😉

Peace. –
PWL User Cali offers her help in updating wikis:
“Cali”;”I’m available”;”Ha … don’t get any ideas 🙂

PWL User Cali desperate hitting on another PWL user:
“Cali”;”Re: pick a day”;”[QUOTE=Sloegin][QUOTE=Cali][QUOTE=Sloegin]hah I can guarantee I’m not a jew. not even a self hating one 😉

as I’m in so cal I think you are at nearly the farthest point away you can get in the lower 48. just my luck!

that said, it looks like a beautiful part of the country. I should be up that way in Dec so pencil me in after your finals!

id send you a ticket but I think even on a plane its gotta be a hellacious flight! lol[/QUOTE]

haha … OK, you’re on for December. Don’t be late.

Write me at


if you dare. 🙂

Peace. –

PWL Discribing their Attack Plans:
“worstnightmare”;”Re: traffic”;”[quote=Bucky]hey fellas – did you notice traffic was 3 or 4 times higher last night because San Dimas was melting down on Twitter to her 33,000 followers? we should pick girls with the most followers and set fire to asses one at a time- lol[/quote]

good idea…i think thats pretty much what the twitter army does lol”

Seriously, though … please let me know how I can help when it comes to people blanking their pages. I’m happy to help however I can; I’m just not familiar enough with that aspect of the system yet to know how I could best be an asset to the site.

But if you tell me what to do, I’ll go full speed ahead. I’m familiar enough now with editing the wiki pages to do mostly anything in that regard (i.e., adding content, editing pages, working with images, etc.).

This offer goes for now and at any time in the future when you need something done. Just send me a message.


PWL Plans to Troll on LIB:
;”Bucky”;”anybody want to pull a Thompson?”;”How funny would it be for someone to go on LIB or Twitter for a few weeks as an angry exposed whore? I’m thinking someone not active in porn so the person wouldn’t hear about it, like a Nikki Vail or Emma Jade. We could exchange messsages with people like South and Mercedes about the PWL take down plans. I’d do it myself but I’m going to be a lot busier the next month.”””Porn Wiki Leaks””;i:402;s:7:””ROBOCOP””””worstnightmare”

PwL User “Superfuzz” plans on counter attack hack on multiple forums:
“superfuzz”;”Re: Ad Rates?”;”[QUOTE=Porn Wiki Leaks]Will delete it now and took out what I quoted you on here but I wanted to say a couple of things. First off these clowns are nothing but keyboard gangsters and wont do anything other than cry online. Second I think Mark Felt is Mark Spiegler and if we can get some of his passwords that would be great. Now for what you sent me makes me think those are your sites and if so lets work something out with getting you some banners up here.[/QUOTE]

Well our hosting company is bullet proof and ignores legal threats so if you can leak us some large databases of users on porn forums the would get us huge media attention and traffic. :smiley-angelic008:

Would be funny if people started to make wiki pages here for porn forum users and we says its all because of spiegler, south and thompson. GET IT NOW?

This is like 1 percent of the messages….posted for PWL and TRWPL fans ..NOTHING IS A SECRET FOREVER BITCHES

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Donny Longs Ass
13 years ago

What’s that Cali? You think your deans would like to have a chat with us? Cool. We will be happy to oblige. No thanks necessary…just pay it forward bitch.

John Galt
John Galt
13 years ago

Ha! I just love the comment “Well our hosting company is bullet proof”. Really?

And Cali (oops, I mean Calissa Leclerc, formerly at Brown University and currently at the University of Texas) I am going to watch with glee as you, in particular, squirm, hehehehe.

Next up we need Robocop, Bucky (Coke Stevenson) and ExposeThem420!

Donny Longs Ass
13 years ago

Cali, you can thank Donny Long for having this information posted. DANCE BITCH DANCE! YOUR OUR BITCH NOW CALI! TRPWL OWNS YOU! You PWL Gay Nazi Asslickers make this so easy. We don’t have to resort to lies to ruin you. You do our dirty work for us. HAHAHAHA Dox Courtesy of PWL TroLL Cali is a notorious PWL Poster and contributor. She has personally harassed porn stars and their families. Her and her family have the same thing coming. Prepare your anus, Cali. MORE INFO TO COME – This is just basic shit: Name Calissa Leclerc Location: Lowville, NY… Read more »

John Galt
John Galt
13 years ago

Cali personally harassed at least one of my friends. Payback’s gonna be a bitch.

13 years ago

Cali is currently in Texas for summer vacation. She got her bachelors at Boston and is a Grad Student at Brown.

Frank Dayman
Frank Dayman
13 years ago

A graduate student at Brown, eh? WONDERFUL. One thing I can assure you is that people in academia HATE racism, sexism, anti-semitism, homophobia, etc. Be sure to let her colleagues in her department know all about how she regularly contributes to one of the most despicably racist, sexist, anti-semitic, homophobic websites on the web. I’m sure her job prospects will just soar after that…

13 years ago

Lynch this bitch. I think you should begin hosting your site in the Netherlands so we can go to tow on these fuckers Sean! Move it out of the US so we an lynch these bitches. They are on blast. Anyway we can get the originals leaked so we can go ahead and get these moderators sued for hack plans here in the US?

13 years ago

and fucking arrested for their wonderful deeds. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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