Renowned Fart Sniffer Wants Teacher/Student Love Legalized

Mar 21, 2012
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Known to many New Yorkers as the founder and presumed sole member of the “Fart Smeller Movement,” Brooklyn resident Roman Shusterman again panhandled for the attention of passersby in Manhattan last weekend by advocating the government “Legalize Teacher/Student Love.”

Shusterman — whose other sign-wielding antics have included offering free massages at Coney Island and imploring women to let him smell their rear ends as part of his “Peace Through Face-Sitting” campaign — said Sunday that he believes the legal ramifications of sexual relationships between teachers and students has “gone too far.”

Protesting in Zuccotti Park on March 18, Shusterman sought to tie his fringe belief with the Occupy Wall Street movement for social equality. Shusterman paraded through the park just one day after police removed demonstrators who were marking the six month anniversary of the cause.

“It’s like Occupy Wall Street. There’s no lines to be drawn. It’s more like, we gotta start fighting for an opposite kind of world,” Shusterman said. “That’s the only way we’re going to get what Occupy Wall Street is promising … which is complete equality and for everyone to be equal in the lifestyle of the 99 percent.”

Asked if this meant teachers should be having sex with their students, Shusterman said he believed this was the only way to have a society with true equality.

“Yeah, they should have education where they have sex with the students,” he said. “I think if students were taught about sex, and if the teachers were directly involved in teaching them sex, that [students] would no longer be loners … and they would know what they’re doing and it would be a better society that way.”

No word yet on whether or not Shusterman will advocate teacher/student fart smelling.


Source: Huffington Post

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