Rob Black Wants Pedophile Coverage, How about Tom Byron’s love for underage girls?

Nov 25, 2013
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Rob Black has been screaming about “news sites” covering up a connection between FSC, Marc Randazza and a convicted child molester in which they apparently shared a meal. The oddest thing about Black’s position is the fact that AdultFYI has always been pro-child rape. Why are they all the sudden against the rape of children? ??



AdultFYI uses words like “lucky” if the child was raped by an attractive teacher and “unlucky” if it was an ugly one..Even going as far as promoting child rape:


Now people may call me a racist republican nut, but i think all rape is bad, a child raped by his teacher is even worse and I certainly wouldn’t call a rape victim “lucky” regardless of age..

Then Rob went on to say:


Yes, Rob Black the same guy who got mad when it was suggested that Cameron Bays numerous arrests and extremely sordid past shouldn’t have been used against her or even brought up when she and her lover SHUT DOWN the industry..

“Besides myself and Monica Foster no one else has reported on this.”

Reported what Rob? That a sex offender broke bread with people you hate? This is only news for the people with a grudge. The same way my death would be news for the people that despise me and ignored by the people who know death is a reality of life.

You guys are pro child rape Rob, I figured this guy would be getting a lifetime achievement award from the “President of Porn” not getting slammed you and your idiot BFF Tom Byron.. LOL

Rob, isn’t it true that your BFF Tom Byron had sex with an underage Traci Lords? Even going as far as to date her when it was back room knowledge she was under age? According to the California penal code that makes Tom Byron and pedophile child rapist..


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10 years ago

Wait a Minute here ..Stop
Does Anyone Know if Rob Black is a Registered Sex Offender ?
After his conviction and doing hard Federal time for sex crimes I bet he is. Anyone with the skinny on this Turd ? - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic