Shy Love, John Stevens Lie About Shy’s Involvement In Matrix Models

Feb 27, 2019
Adult Business News
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After my earth shattering post abut Shy teaming with Matrix models, Shy, who says she never ever reads my site, tweeted this:

I guess my first question would be, why is Shy taking girls on go-sees in the US when she claims to only be assisting on overseas bookings?  Followed by, why is Shy showing up to sets with girls on shoots in the US?  Followed by,why is Shy telling people she’s setting a “Super Production” company in LA, sort of like how the idiots over at Nexxxt Level have done.  Followed by why did John Stevens lie to his lawyer Jim Felton?  Even Johns own girls are wondering why Shy is popping up at their shoots.

The VIP Matrix take over is in full effect, either John is a fucking liar or he’s too stupid to see he’s getting duped..


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3 years ago

Who is going to be her PR guy w/ South out of the picture?

I look forward to the stories about her scamming.

3 years ago

Does she still owe that $400,000 civil judgement against her from a while back? BTW, didn’t Norman Bentley own Matrix for a long time? What happened there. Did Keith O’Conner threaten to cut off his ear? LOL - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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