Sorry Hatler Gurius, Felons Can’t Hold Office In Unions.. Shucks

Feb 12, 2024
Adult Business
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Over the last week, Porn’s smartest man, Hatler Gurius began making a play to remove President 4 Life Alana Evans from her duties as leader of the union no one cares about. For some reason, Hatler thinks the Union has power. They Don’t, but I will say Hatler being the president would be fucking great.

Sadly, it will never happen

Would Hatler be a better president than Alana? Of course he would. It’s like owning an iPhone, the phone holding a 1 % charge is better than a dead one. But not by much. Let’s face it, the union hasn’t done anything, ever. They talk a good game, and to be fair, even if they weren’t in for the money they scam, and the press they put themselves in, they don’t have the power to do anything anyway. No one respects them, and the only way they could ever have any power is if they had members. The FSC, with a budget and backing of some of the bigger companies, has about 30 voting members. It’s a shell game at best.

No one cares about the FSC or what they say, no one cares about APAG/Union cuz it’s run by a bunch of bitter nobodies, who are still holding onto what little porn life they have left. Even APAC, which at one time rivaled FSC in power/members, has been reduced to nothing..Nut Job Ana Foxxx has pretty much ruined what little bit of dignity APAG had by keeping her name attached to it.

If you look at the state of the 4 organizations that claim to represent porn, FSC, APAG, APAc and Sinnamon Loves Money Scam ‘BIPOC’, they all are run by people with super shady backgrounds, with limited means. Each group has been accused of financial wrongdoing. FSC has Lotus Lain, who allegedly stole 7 grand from Ana ‘I forget my meds” Foxxx. So when FSC is talking about banking, but has a thief hustling for them, it doesn’t instill confidence in the adult community.

Union President Hatler would be great, he would show up at AVN demanding to be let in, and security would beat the shit out of him, all the while he’s screaming “I’m Hatler Gurius President of the Porn Union and you will Respect My Authoritah.” Then everyone will laugh. And it will be the best AVN ever

The end


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14 days ago

I showed up at avn today ?? even got a video of it
I’m not a keyboard warrior like you are ,I get shit done - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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