The TRPWL David Duke Inbred Racist Award Goes To: Drum Roll Please

Apr 13, 2012
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Yes here at TRPWL we like to honor the most redneck racist white trash out there. After many entries we have a winner..contestants were judged on trailer park location, proper use of the N-word, how inbred they looked and of course how many words they couldn’t spell correctly..This weeks winners won by a landslide –Yes winners due to the fact they are not only dating but also are brother and sister:

Move over Brad Pit, The new sexiest man alive

Is that a trailer park in her pic…lol gotta love pieces of shyt who aren’t content spewing hate to people around them, they have to actively seek out people on twitter as well..

Congrats Inbreds

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11 years ago

They might not be trailers. Got any once big military bases around there? Where I live, you sometimes find clusters of lil 2 bedroom houses that were base housing when Ft Dix was huge during WW2 and right after. I think it was in the 60’s or 70’s they were sold off and trucked away to where they now stand. Some of the old farms around here have em for the help. Anyway, trailer or not, I bet they got a meth cook within walking distance, and they should get there, STAT. The one pic showing that broad’s chubby arms… Read more »

11 years ago

i always find it kinda hard to take badasss white elitist dudes seriously when they have pink froofy bedrooms. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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