TRPWL Reader Email – “Going to War”

Oct 15, 2013
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I get at least 5 emails a day, very entertaining ones I might add. While I’ve been thinking about posting a bunch of the emails and adding one line answers, I’ve been too lazy to put that plan into effect.

Over the last 2 months or so TRPWL has changed its direction, or changed the ways we do things. While we continue to poke fun at some of the retards, we have also found ourselves in a unique situation in that we pretty much seem to be the only blog that’s pro-adult business. If you disagree, look around the blogosphere, and check everyone’s headlines…

This was in my email earlier:


Let me be clear, we are not at war with anyone. We are at war with misleading or fabricated reporting regardless of where it’s posted

With the exception of the non read retard blogs, TRPWL will respond to anyone promoting the AHF agenda..It could be South, Black, Xbiz, or Huffington. The point is, the days of making up stories and going un-checked are over.

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10 years ago

Wtf? We can’t make up stories any longer? I got like 7 paragraphs about how Monica’s Ebony O-ring has been trying to seduce me via neutrino beams as I sleep. That prety pucker of hers is yearning for a punishing performance from a pudgy pale person providing a petite penis. Gotta break them Chocolate Chitlins in easy. Don’t wanna do any damage and ruin her for the pleasures of starfish luvin.

If we have to be factual though, I’ll just stick to calling her a kook and that South shill a low rent self promoter.

10 years ago

If this were my site I would allow for things to still be made up for laughs but the header must specifically state that the article is satire. Of course anything Fostard writes is so out there that it is obviously satire or delusion. However, this is Sean’s site so he makes the rules. As for Crunkleschwitz’s comment I bet Fostard in all her schizophrenic glory believes she is seducing people with microwaves coming out of her pussy as well (she certainly isn’t seducing me, I prefer to keep the bat shit crazy factor out of my relationships).

10 years ago
Reply to  mharris127

I’d be way too scared of a broken rubber and knocking her up to dive into the pussy. It is the Chocolate Starfish nestled between them Beautiful Black Buttcheeks that keeps calling to me, begging for some sweet luvin. I bet her chittlins are delicious.

Ambitious ian
Ambitious ian
10 years ago

Hope you guys stick to agenda - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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