TRPWL Spotlight on Tiffany Cane

Nov 3, 2014
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tiffany cane

The next interview subject in the TRPWL Spotlight is Miami-based Tiffany Cane. Tiffany is still relatively new to the adult business and is currently looking for a talent agency to represent her.

How long have you been dancing/doing porn?

I started dancing at a club in Maine called Diamonds about two years ago. I stopped dancing when I moved to Florida and found out it requires a little more than dancing. That’s when I started porn… around March.

tiffany cane 1

Why did you decide to get into porn?

Well, obviously the money. Got out of a long term relationship last year, so I decided that 2014 was going to be my year of adventure. Anything I was offered, I did, if I wanted to. So, when I was asked if I’d do a porn, it was a quick decision. I love to get fucked.

What is your porn “To Do” list?

Anal. I’ve never done anal in my personal life. I think it would be either fun or mortifying to have my butthole virginity taken on camera.

Who in porn is on your “To Do” list?

I want to do a porn with Justin Bieber. Mainly for the fact that it would be hilarious. I’d destroy him.

What are your measurements?


tiffany cane

Do you prefer real or fake breasts?

Real, hands down. Love the way they jiggle.

Besides taking a trip on the Bang Bus, shoots for Rodney Moore, Reality King’s Street Blowjobs and Mofo’s Real Slut Party, have you shot anything else? 

I shot for Bareback with Cory Chase. ATK. [A former agent] got me a few shoots with producers I can’t find ANYWHERE. So I’m assuming they were phony ‘producers’. Meaning they wanted a hooker legally. (Since this interview was conducted she also had another film released, Lesbian Family Affair for Filly Films)

You’re based in Florida, do you have any trips planned yet?

Tons. I travel non stop. Just got back from Maine. Probably doing Bimini again, then Panama and Costa Rica. I’ve always wanted to go to Georgia.

tiffany cane 4

Stay away from Georgia hotel room bukkake shoots — trust me. How do you personally feel about boxed wine?

I think it’s a good way to vomit.

On The O.C. did you laugh when Marissa Cooper died?

I never watch tv. My family pretty much raised me on books, and gtfo side. It took me four seasons to find out what Breaking Bad was. No joke.

Anything special you want to tout?

I love sucking cock. Love it.

What do you like to do for fun?

I go and feed the iguanas by my house a lot. It’s a nice walk on the water. Anything to do with the ocean, really.

What do you like or dislike about stripping and shooting porn so far?

A lot of times [my ex-agent] would promise shoots that didn’t exist. Real fucking scumbag.

I’d like to thank Tiffany for doing this interview with me. Follow and contact Tiffany on Twitter, @TiffanyCaneXXX.


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