Why Instagram won’t be freeing the nipple #FreeTheNipple

Oct 6, 2015
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Women, put the nips away (on Instagram, anyway).

Despite hashtag campaigns, protests, and plenty of defiantly filtered artsy photos of breasts, Instagram has no plans to give into the pressure and start allowing nipples on the app with wild abandon.

But it’s not because they’re anti-nip. It’s all Apple’s fault.

During a talk in London, Instagram’s founder and CEO finally explained why they won’t allow female nipples on the app (other than photos showing post-mastectomy scarring and women actively breastfeeding). It’s not down to their own belief system, but strict regulations from Apple.


As Instagram is offered through the App Store, it has to have an age rating, and if it allows nudity it will have to go up to 17+. Instagram wants to appeal to EVERYONE, including younger people, so will do whatever it takes – including banning female nudity – to stick with its current 12+ mark.

They’re also a little cautious of angering the Apple gods and getting banned from the App Store if they go ahead and free our nips.

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