Mike South ‘Broke’ a Lie…LOL

May 27, 2014
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Humiliated Blogger Mike South Edits Post After Receiving Letter From Attorney of Man He Defamed

Instead of just admitting he fucked up and believed a dumbass, Mike South, shortly after our post about his ridiculous report Billy Glide’s death, wrote another story about how it’s not his fault, he’s never wrong and everyone else did it too…

From Mike South:

Everyone ran the story yesterday about the snakebite, including myself.

First, we didn’t at TRPWL. There was no fucking way that stupid story was going on TRPWL. And AdultFYI didn’t run it either.

Second, according to Mike South, not only did he break the story, he then alerted XBIZ and AVN to get the story out:

Mike South Broke a Lie...LOL

For the most part, Mike South along with Alana Evans spread that lie as much as they could — they posted it all over twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you can place a link. Alana called media outlets looking for some run. It was nothing more than two selfish people exploiting someone’s death.

Mike South still hasn’t taken down the snake bite story. Why? It’s good for traffic. He will say, ‘well, I wrote another.’ But he doesn’t wanna kill that link, because that would be bad for traffic…

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10 years ago

I 95% percent reckon that South has exceeded my expectations. I don’t know how he did it, but he has turned out to be worse as a porn reporter than he was a pornographer. #TrailerParkBukkake He hasn’t quite failed as badly as when he tried to be an agent, but there is still time.

10 years ago

I hate going to that retards site but I knew the comments would be priceless from his readers. They didn’t disappoint. They were as imbecilic as they come. Anyone that argues that his “readers” are not morons simply drives the point home.


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[…] some may find this hard to believe, but Billy Glide didn’t really die from a rattlesnake bite as Mike South “reported.” It was a lie that link-hungry panderer Mike South still […]

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