Introducing The Peddy Bear

Sep 3, 2014
Adult Business News
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Cindi Spiegler aka Fake Doctor Cindi commentary:

Tuesday, I received a message directing me to take a look at a brand new sex toy. I’m always interested in the latest innovations in the field of devices used for sexual gratification. However, upon clicking the link I was completely appalled  by what I saw..

The Teddy Love Bear — a teddy bear that vibrates. I’m sure this will be a popular item at NAMBLA meetings and Garren Family Reunions.

I thought to myself, “Cindi, who would knowingly promote such a creepy and disturbing item?” And then I saw it, clear as day.

peddy bear

Erika Icon strikes again. You remember Erika don’t you?

She’s the one who told a little fib about turning down the chance to represent Belle Knox. She’s the one promoting a semen flavoring pill that causes a person’s throat to burn.

I personally feel any performer who endorses that product — such as Britney Amber — ought to be ashamed of themselves. What’s next, a Teddy Ruxpin who reads stories straight out of Penthouse Letters?

teddy ruxpin

In closing, as I said on Tuesday, “Show me on the teddy bear where the teddy bear touched you.”

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