No On Measure B Protest Rally! by: Alia Janine

Nov 4, 2012
Measure B
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Today LA Porn Tours, along with Rick Garcia and Prince Yahshua held a rally and peaceful protest against Measure B, the “Safer Sex in the Adult Industry Act.” We had a great turnout of performers, directors, producers, makeup artist, and other adult industry workers. To start the day off, they had a few people from the industry speak on behalf of the industry, and themselves as to why Los Angeles County voters need to vote NO on Measure B. The speakers today were Adult Industry Attorney- Michael Fattorosi, Makeup Artist- “Maddie Makeup,” Agent- Teal Reel, Performer- James Bartholet Fetish Director- Mistress Dee Severe, and myself. Kurt Lockwood, Kyle Stone, and Tara Lynn Foxx also came up and said some words. It was moving to see so many people wanting to share their feelings and how this Measure will affect everyone.

Vote No On Measure B, Adult Industry rally participants

This is the speech I gave….

“Hello, my name is Alia Janine and I am an adult film performer- a porn star. I am standing before all of you today not only as a porn star, but as an American citizen who’s Constitutional rights are in the hands of all of you, the voters. The right to control my body and the right to make a living the way I want too is summed up on the November 6th ballot and it’s called “Measure B” the “Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act”. Michael Weinstein president of the AIDS HealthCare Foundation has told me, not directly, but in his full force “Yes on B” campaign that I am not component enough and that I am not intelligent enough, to make my own decisions concerning my own health and what I, and many other performers, deem safe for ourselves.

This upsets me because we are professional adult film performers and we know exactly what type of minute risks we take every day. If we feel the need to use some type of protection, we will use it, because that is our choice, and that is our right. The Los Angeles Adult Film Industry has the most stringent STI testing programs in the world, with performers testing every 14/28 days, and I believe that is adequate and regulate enough for my safety and the safety of my co-workers. To have one man with a falsely gained army and $4million in AIDS HealthCare donations try to tell me- a working American citizen, that I have to do something to my body, without having a single validated reason as to why, will wind me up here, explaining to all of you as to why you need to vote no on measure b November 6th.

What you, the voters need to truly understand is that Measure B is not just about “safer sex”, it’s about one of many attempts to push a multi-billion dollar industry out of Los Angeles. For many people, they think Measure B is only about making adult performers wear condoms during performances. Many people believe, my self include, that condoms are a good form of STI protection, and will say “yes” on that alone. Measure B is much more in-depth than that though, it’s not just about condoms, but all forms of hospital grade protection. With goggles, haz-mat suits, gloves, condoms, expensive health and film permits, and much more having to be a part of every performance, ever shot, ever again- it’s obvious Measure B has a serious agenda besides performer’s health. With an industry such as the adult film industry, built on America’s 1st Amendment in our Constitution, having a single organization maliciously attack everything we as Americans stand for, something needs done, and that decision is yours, every Los Angeles County voter.

That is we are all here today, to tell you that Measure B is not just about condoms and safer sex. Measure B is about stripping away peoples right to control their bodies, telling members of an entire legal working industry their not component enough to take care of themselves, basically chastising the way we live and the way we want to make a living. Driving over 10,000 jobs out of Los Angeles and into the eager hands of other cities. Along with those jobs will go the city’s, the county’s, and even one of California’s biggest revenue earning industries in the world. I ask some of you voters to put aside any moral or social qualms you may have about the adult film industry, and the people in it. Measure B isn’t just about adult film performers, it’s about working American citizens, as yourselves, trying to provide a life for themselves and their families. Measure B is about local business owners being pushed out because of social differences. Measure B is about protecting all of our Constitutional Rights and what we as American’s stand for as a whole. That is why we are all here today, and that is why we urge you to vote no on Measure B November 6th. Thank you.”

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