Belle Knox Shoots Down Shelley Lubben’s Latest Scam (UPDATED)

Jun 5, 2014
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Faced with the latest scam from attention-seeking “Rebel Prophet” Shelley Lubben, Duke University porn star Belle Knox again proves she’s nobody’s fool

It’s hard being an anti-porn/anti-sex work fraud these days. And when you’re a really sloppy liar to boot, it’s that much tougher to run a truly first class criminal operation.


Shelley Lubben’s Pink Cross Foundation has fallen on hard times in recent years — ever since she lost her ticket to mainstream press attention, Michael Weinstein of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Weinstein unceremoniously dumped Lubben because we at TRPWL were bringing too much heat and she had become “a lightning rod for criticism.”

Don’t take our word for it — read the leaked AHF internal emails. The boys at AHF never really liked her, so as soon as she became more trouble than she was worth, they kicked her to the curb.

Maintstream press equals access to donor dollars, so since 2011, Lubben has been floundering — she’s even tried doing sex ed for seniors on the Cracker Barrel circuit, but nothing has clicked.

According to the her group’s 2012 tax returns, donations were down 24% over 2011.

Then there were the many defections — April Garris, Michelle Avanti, Savannah Jane, Lubben’s own best friend, among many others — all painting the same horrible picture of an out of control egotist with zero concern for the welfare of others.

Lubben’s biggest problem has been the many statements she’s made over the years indicating her utter contempt for the group she claims to love and want to save.

An example: this video, in which she compares adult performers to animals.

Even fellow anti-porn activists wrote her off as a blight on their movement.

Shelley Lubben needed some new blood…

Enter Belle Knox — a porn star and bona fide crossover celebrity.

Belle Knox

Belle Knox

So, Lubben starts scheming… “How can I get some press attention off of Belle Knox?”

With the tragic death of Alyssa Funke, the young woman who was bullied to death for having appeared in porn, Lubben found a new angle to hatch her latest get-rich scheme:

Before she ends up dead

LOL That’s what’s known as “the hard sell”…

So, Lubben’s plan was to make a public plea to Belle Knox to stop her sinful ways, and join Pink Cross Foundation — a group that has had absolutely no success of any kind.

Here’s a shot from Lubben’s Facebook “fan” page:

Shelley Lubben's latest scam to "save" Belle Knox "before she ends up dead"

“We are trying to raise money to send a letter to Belle Knox via press release.”

LOL Why exactly couldn’t you simply tweet her, Lubben? Or send a letter to her agent or her publicist? If this was really about “helping” her in an altruistic way, that’s exactly what you would have done.

Oh, that’s right — you’re doing this all for show — for attention — to show the world how much you care for porn stars, and how much they love and need you.


(Incidentally, the woman mentioned in that thread, Sierra Sinn, spoke out against Lubben in an interview published here as “Shelley Lubben Ruined My Life”)

So, today word of Lubben’s scheme reached Belle Knox.

Knox’s response was short and sweet…

Belle Knox Shoots Down Shelley Lubben’s Latest Scam

SHE TWEETED LUBBEN THE LINK TO THE OFFICIAL SITE FOR THE DEVIL AND SHELLEY LUBBEN my ongoing documentary series about what a lying, scheming, thieving charlatan Lubben is.

Shelley — everyone knows you’re a lying fraud. And we’re all laughing at your amazing ineptitude. Again and again and again.

Follow Belle Knox on Twitter


UPDATE:  The lying Lubbens have apparently given up trying to do “outreach” to Belle via public press release. Instead, Shelley merely posted the letter on her Pink Cross website.

Some excerpts:

Dear Miriam,

Members of the anti-sex trafficking community and the ex porn stars of Pink Cross Foundation are writing this letter to you to express our deep and loving concern for you.

Miriam, we see your intelligence and education. We see your beauty. But even more obvious is the extreme pain behind your artificial smile. You aren’t fooling anyone. You aren’t fooling the public. You aren’t fooling the pornographers who are taking advantage of you. You aren’t fooling the producers of The Sex Factor and you certainly aren’t fooling the ex porn stars.

What is also disturbing and heartbreaking are the scars we saw from years of cutting all over your legs. Cutting is a way to release extreme pain. We know because some of us were cutters as teenagers. We understand your pain.

We also understand that when a woman is degraded and abused in porn that she has two survival options: flight or fight. You are like many of us: what we couldn’t beat, we chose to join. We weren’t going to let ANYONE see our pain. We were out to prove something: that we could take anything the pornographers dished out. We could take every slap, every pounding, every spit in our face. Oh yeah, we could take it all right. But for how long? How long until you melt down Miriam, if you haven’t already? We promise you that day is coming and we are extremely worried about you. We sincerely don’t want you to experience the major consequences that we did. Consequences we all have to live with the rest of our lives.

Some of the consequences we suffered from are mental illness such as PTSD which we believe you are experiencing already. We also suffered from extreme sexual trauma which deeply affected our ability to have sexual intimacy with our partner. It also affected our ability to trust anyone, especially a man.

Though we’ve never met you, we love you Miriam and we say this with sincerity and tears in our eyes and hurt in our heart. If we could gather around you right now, we would wrap our arms around you and whisper in your ear that you are precious to us and to God.

We hope this letter touched you in a profound way and that you felt our love and concern throughout this writing. If you would give us the chance to meet with you and love on you and help you heal from some of that pain, we would be honored and highly privileged and of course our meeting and anything you share would remain confidential.

You are a top priority for us Miriam. We are here for you!


What a truly revolting letter.

Aside from the amateur diagnosis (no one at Pink Cross has a degree in psychology or psychiatry) and the claims of “you aren’t fooling anyone”, Lubben writes, “anything you share would remain confidential

LOL Lubben has outed private details of every adult performer who has ever dared to speak out about her. See this video interview with Savannah Jane, and amateur porn performer Diamond’s comments here.

Lubben even sent private family correspondence to the porn site LukeIsBack after her her own brother criticized her!

In the letter, Lubben goes on to say that she and her team watched one of Knox’s porn videos, and found it “shocking”. Why are so-called Christian anti-porn crusaders watching hardcore porn? We at TRPWL have long suspected that the Lubbens have a porn addiction. At one time, thet even hired a recovering “porn addict” and chronic masturbator named Roger Niccum to scour porn sites for them. (Great job for someone struggling with porn, right?)

However, the best part of Lubben’s letter to Knox may be the photo attached at the bottom, showing the purported authors — “the Ex Porn Stars of Pink Cross Foundation”.


THREE of the individuals pictured are not known to have performed in a single adult video. Lubben herself has not been on a porn set since 1994.

And the guy on the far right believes that demons are born out of your ass when you have anal sex.

Another classic Lubben fail.


UPDATE 2: Twitter lulz

Nina and Belle & Christina

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9 years ago

Belle Knox: pussy look tighter than a dime.

Slubben: pussy gotta look like scene of a crime. Prolly stank like one too.


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jody williams
jody williams
2 years ago

That is a horrific letter to send to someone you claim you’re trying to help? You accuse them of a “fake smile” and then reference their cutting in a public letter? I would NEVER trust anyone who wrote such a letter to me that’s for sure. It’s CLEARLY publicity that doesn’t even give a damn about her enough to pick up and phone and try to reach her directly? wtf? Oh that’s right – Shelley was still drinking and using them and leading up to her tragic death. Now Shelley has passed, I can say that I tried many times… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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