When All Else Fails, Frame Kendall Karson: The Missing ATMLA Folder

Aug 12, 2013
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Last week we reported on a misappropriated ATMLA performer list. At that time, sources revealed that adult performer Alana Evans had called people named on that list to accuse performer Kendall Karson (pictured below) of having obtained it. Agents at ATMLA had known about the situation for months, Evans claimed, and had done nothing.

Kendal Karson

In May, TRPWL learned from reliable sources that ATMLA’s Shy Love, the porn star guardian angel, was claiming that Karson was involved in a bizarre plot against ATMLA, and using the charge to demand a high contract buyout fee from Karson.

According to a source at ATMLA, the agency’s Mark Schechter felt compelled to put out a statement on Friday after performers contacted by Evans began calling the office demanding to know what was up.

As details began to circulate, two other performers were named in connection with the story: Tia Cyrus, who’d been employed in ATMLA’s office (as Shy Love’s personal assistant) at the time a talent list went missing, and Kendall’s fugitive from justice ex-boyfriend, hapless male performer Jessy Jones.

Karson contends she never stole the list, is not in possession it, and that she never used it, “leaked” it, or provided it to anyone.

Everyone wanted to know, what information was contained in the list, and who has it now? How could someone have gotten their hands on it, and what would they seek to do with it?

What happens in Vegas…

Kendall Karson had been unhappy at ATMLA since October 2012. She and Shy Love discussed parting ways in January, at AEE, but Karson did not officially leave until April.

When ATMLA issued its statement on Friday, Karson told tattle.xxx, “I’m surprised this is even coming up because Mark and I have been dealing with this issue through our attorneys. Mark and I are on completely fine terms and he’s been open with me about everything.

Kendall and Jessy Jones had split up prior to the AEE show in Las Vegas, but according to Kendall he was “trying to get back together with me and was telling people we were still together.”

Kendall arrived in Las Vegas a few days prior to AEE, to appear at a poker tournament on Monday, January 14th along with fellow ATMLA talent, including Tia Cyrus and Nikki Delano. The performers had all been provided rooms in a penthouse suite for the night of the 14th, but Kendall had her own suite booked for the entire week of AEE, starting on the 15th.

On the day after the tournament, they 15th, Karson, Cyrus and Delano went shopping together, and Kendall offered to let them stay in her room at the Hard Rock hotel “so they wouldn’t have to come out of pocket for an extra night, since I had an extra bed in my suite.”

When Cyrus was asked by tattle.xxx whether she and Delano had stayed in Karson’s room, Cyrus focused exclusively on the night of the 14th, during which the three were together in “a three bedroom penthouse suite” following the poker party.

Tattle: Where did you stay when the poker party concluded?

Tia Cyrus:

We had a hotel room paid by our agency.

Tattle: At any point did you stay in the same room as Kendall Karson?

Tia Cyrus:

No each girl had their own quarters…she did come into our room. She had mentioned because somebody was harassing her in her room and then they were harassing us in our room and she had stayed in our room until our agents made sure no one was harassing us.

In what looks like a classic case of CYA, Cyrus avoided addressing the night of the 15th, which is the one Kendall had specifically mentioned in her public statements.

That’s probably wise, because two independent witnesses verify Karson’s assertion that Cyrus and Delano stayed with her the night of the 15th, and that the two had their things scattered throughout Karson’s suite.

Tia Cyrus, Julie Cash and Nikki Delano at AEE

Tia Cyrus, Julie Cash and Nikki Delano at AEE

According to Karson, Cyrus and Delano vacated her room on the 16th, but Cyrus left behind a manila folder containing ATMLA data – a list of performer names, phone numbers, and scene rates. (Contrary to some reports, the list did not contain social security numbers.)

The folder ended up getting mixed in with Kendall’s things, as Karson reported to tattle.xxx:

[Cyrus] had a folder with a list in it of talent on there and brochures of apartments she was looking at; I didn’t even know this list existed until several weeks after AVN. I had tons of paperwork out and flyers and business cards that had been sitting together and stuff from the event. There’s paperwork all over the hotel room.

And so when I had got back several weeks later, I was going through a bag of stuff that I had and there were several folders that I had which I had to change stuff in and I came across this folder, which I didn’t know what it was.

Karson maintains that when she eventually discovered the folder, the first thing that caught her eye was that it had Cyrus’ name written on it.

It terns out that Kendall was photographed and videotaped in her suite on the morning of January 18th, and both clearly show a stack of folders and papers on the coffee table.

Folder on table - highlighted

Folders and Kendall - color

When shown the photos and screencaps, Karson said the manila folder at the bottom of the stack is the one that turned out to be Tia’s folder full of ATMLA data.

Folders - color

Enough is enough

Karson returned to Los Angeles after AEE, and Jessy Jones was still staying on her couch in Canoga Park.

Official reports, and text messages, indicate he assaulted her at Burbank Airport on February 22.

Police Sgt letter-redacted

As Karson told AVN Magazine, in a story published on March 18th:

“He was going to drive my car home and take care of my apartment and cat while I was away. He got in a big argument with me in the car and I told him finally ‘enough is enough.’ I told him he wouldn’t be driving my car home, he couldn’t stay at my apartment while I was gone. He didn’t believe me. So when we got to the parking lot at the Burbank airport he refused to get out of my car. I threatened to get the cops. … Eventually I gathered my stuff and started walking towards the terminal. As I was walking I could hear someone coming up behind me very quickly. I turned around and he proceeded to choke me for about 20 seconds. I was stunned because no matter what problems we had, I always defended him and said he’d never lay a hand on me. I finally came about my wits and I pushed him off of me and slapped him in self-defense….

“He proceeded to follow me into the airport, through the crowd, trying to make a big scene,” Karson continued. “He followed me through the TSA line. I needed to make this flight so I left. He then began to text me threatening messages while I was gone. I have text messages admitting he choked me.”

When she returned from her trip, Karson reported the incident to the police, and sought a Temporary Restraining Order against Jessy the following day. The TRO was issued on March 8th, and Jessy was served and removed from Kendall’s apartment the following day.

Jessy served & removed - redacted

When she exposed him as an abuser in AVN nine days after he was forced out of her apartment, Jessy had a pretty strong motive to get back at his ex.

He knew of Kendall’s conflict with Shy Love, and admitted in an interview published today that he had gone through Karson’s things and photographed the list prior to her destroying it.

His story, however, is full of holes.

Jones told tattle that after Karson returned from Las Vegas, he “saw the paper” list.

“Yes, I did take pictures with my phone [of the list], which [Kendall] had saved on her laptop and also had a paper file in front her.”

But, he also added, “I went on her laptop, printed it and took a picture with my phone.”

But if Karson had brought home a paper list, why would Jones have needed to print it to photograph it? If it were somehow on her laptop, why couldn’t he simply email it to himself, or transfer it to a thumb drive? Why not simply take a photo of the computer screen?

If Jones did print out the list, why would he need to photograph it at all? And what happened to that copy?

Furthermore, sources close to this matter who have seen the photos provided to ATMLA by Jones indicate that they show a folded paper list, not a ‘fresh out of the printer’ copy.

Just as Karson claimed last week, Jones now admits he told Shy Love that Kendall had stolen a client list because she “was plotting” to harm ATMLA, or the adult business in general.

Naughty Game

On March 29, a Van Nuys court made the Temporary Restraining Order against Jessy permanent.

RO - redacted
In June, Jessy skipped the court date for his assault charges, which, according to Karson, resulted in a warrant issued for his arrest.

On June 14, Jessy shot with performer Alana Evans, who, incidentally, is also repped by ATMLA.

Alana and Jessy

Alana and Jessy

Alana invited Jones to be a guest on her Naughty Gamers show on July 11th.

Jessy on Naughty Gamers

Then, last week, Alana Evans began calling performers on the waylaid ATMLA talent list, blaming Karson, while trumpeting her accomplishments as “an intelligent, out spoken [sic] … female leader in this business” on twitter.

Alana - the leader

Jones did his patented douchebag thing and subtweeted from the sidelines…

Pass the popcorn

… and today, the fugitive performer denied he was responsible for the list being leaked.

To date the only individual thought to have actually used information contained on that talent list is Alana Evans, not Kendall Karson.

Kendall Karson

Kendall Karson

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I wish I looked like Kendall. Skinny, large breasts, and beautiful. I HATE YOU GOD!

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Pimpin In Atlanta
9 years ago

WTF? LOL Why is garbage like Alana Evans always mixed up in some drama

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