Speaking Of Racist Nuts, Everyone Say Hi To Chyanne Pearson, Err I Mean Serenity Haze

Feb 14, 2018
Adult Business News
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This is great, trailer park trash Serenity Haze has resorted to pretending to be other people in an attempt to jack a check from Model Centro..

For the ones that have no idea who Serenity is, she used to be Bobbi “Duck Lips” Dylans BFF.. They joined the industry together, the self proclaimed “hottest chicks in porn” soon crashed and burned.. While Bobbi has managed to ekk out a living in various ways, Serenity, couldn’t hide her hatred for blacks and ball sacks…and soon was reduced to 5 dollar customs and baby registry scams ..

The queen of racism, she also claimed to have been raped on set, even though the video proves otherwise, since that, she’s popped up here and there, there was the time her make believe fiancée was kidnapped, that time she ran a “Im having a baby scam“, the child rape stuff, and a slew of other things, some of which im to lazy to search out…

Times must be tough in the old trailer park, these tweets and caps were sent to me the other day, they show what appears to be “I hate ball sacks Haze” holding a fan sign saying her name is “Chyanne Person”  seems legit…

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3 years ago

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Unbelievable. I guess that safe she had flooded with $5 gift cards wasn’t the pot of gold she thought it was. Is she wearing a fake birthmark on her face in these pics? What is that thing?

3 years ago

From what I’ve read on Facebook and twitter she actually went on Skype, drew a fake mold on her face and pretending to be another model to steal money for $900 or so off modelcentro. She admitted to even doing it. The original lady she tried scamming money off of a fake gofundme account from a sick kid, even spoke up on the case on Facebook. To date 174 shares on Facebook where story originated, one of which I believe there local tv station will pick up, I think ktbs. This isn’t her first go round with scamming people and… Read more »

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